Bowson Lettings? Collective group of ********, more like

Not a personal experience, but one of someone I know. Bowson Lettings let him down somewhat massively and wasted a lot of his time. So I’m linking to the post in a vague attempt to push it up the Google listings so that people can see how crap Bowson Lettings are and to use someone else if they’re looking to rent a property in the Jesmond area of Newcastle.

That’s Bowson Lettings – the **** on your shoe of flat and house rental in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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Thanks so much. Just one thing – link text needs to be Bowson Lettings. I think that it how it works with Google.

Thanks again.


Consider it changed. Been out of the office for 2 days and the last update took Blogger about 14 hours…


Great job. I’m looking forward to getting out of the office myself. Easter can’t come soon enough.


We’re expecting a ton of snow to drop over the weekend. Mind, that’s been promised for the last 3 weeks. Could be a nice day for boarding on Tuesday, or even Saturday on my split shift!


My cousin who has been doing chalet work for the last 6 months in france came home the other day – he had lost 4 stone in that time.


Lucky bastard. I’ve put about a stone *on*. Hey. we’re looking for people for the end of the season (short staffed) so if he’s interested…

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