Mugabe on the way out?

Robert Mugabe in 1991. Taken by myself.Image from WikipediaA lot of the newspapers this morning are reporting that Robert Mugabe could finally be on his way out of power as the elections turn against him. Of course, just losing an election wouldn’t normally bother a dictatorial, violent piece of filth like Mugabe. However, this time it seems the world’s looking on just a little too closely for the dodgy bastard to get away with anything.

**** off, Mugabe. You pathetic, evil son of a bitch. I only hope that Zimbabwe can somehow pick itself up and recover from the mess you’ve put it into for your own gain. You sick sack of ****. If there is indeed a hell, I hope you rot in it for all eternity.

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Alright Mosh – going to be a bit quiet on the posting front for a while as I am moving house.

I reckon that Mugabe has had a week of people trying to tell him NOT to kill Morgan Tsvangiri.

Wonder if they had Oil? then the US and the coalition of the willing might decide for humanitarian reasons to go in an “regime change”? (maybe I’m just being cynical)


Cynical or realistic?

Happy Housemoving. Still within the area?


Aye – just moving closer to work. – by about half a mile


You lazy bastard.

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