The Idiot Boss – part one

One of the first companies I worked for had a very non-IT-wise director. Actually, the guy was utterly clueless – you know the Point-haired boss? Him. Only with less hair. And he’d already bankrupted one company. Let’s call him Ralph. Mainly as that was his name. Hey, I’m not going to get sued if I tell the truth, am I? I’m legally allowed to express an opinion and in my opinion (and that of everyone in the office, to the best of my knowledge, as well as a horribly large number of our customers) the guy was a useless ****.

At the time we’d just moved from dial-up to ISDN, so pretty pricey for a net connection. As such, he decided that we’d purchase some logging software for the old NT server and the guy in "charge" of the internal systems was to cast an eye over the log each week.

He half-heartedly pulled us up on a few things because he had to. Checking bank details ("I pay expenses out of my own pocket then claim back – I’m making sure I can cover it"), looking at PC hardware sites ("just keeping up to date") and other pointless things.

He never did withdraw the MD’s net access for his recurring visits to He did, however, show everyone else in the office the access logs.

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Um. Eww.


But don’t you want the unique chance to experience peeing standing up? Apparently that’s one of the selling point listed on the box.


that’s not good.
not bad.
but not good.


Babs – sorry, though you were commenting on the “Pii Pii” story a post below. I so have to change this comments system…

Damo – I’m impressed that the site still works. I checked it for research purposes.


Yea. I was referring to the scary farm dude.

And, as far as the whole ‘peeing standing up’ thing—GOD no. I’ve no need to be mistaken for a drag a-bloody-gain!!

{Ok. They didn’t REALLY mistake me for a drag queen. But he called me sir, in spite of makeup and the other obvious signs that I’m a bloody girl!! It’s scarred me for life–I tell you}


Peeing standing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, it’s a pain getting halfway through then realising you need a ****, having to pinch off mid-flow and hope you don’t leak as you re-adjust… or worse, go from urinal to pot while in a public lav.


I never looked at it – I think i’d go blind – or just throw up


That sounds awfully horrible, Mosh.

Mind, at least if you lot are 50 miles from the nearest bathroom you can find a lovely tree and not have to worry about local wildlife biting you in the arse or falling backwards into a batch of poison ivy*

*Neither of which has happened to me in a state of emergency. Yet. Thank ****.


Damo – fibber

Babs – You know I’d kiss your bottom better πŸ˜‰

After you’d finished pee-ing obviously. I’m not Japanese.


Gah!! I’m not that kind of girl!!

*gets out Louisville slugger*



Shame πŸ˜‰

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