It’s all change…

This is the final one of my blogs to be transferred from Blogger to WordPress. And the biggest headache as I needed to get all 4500 or so comments across from Haloscan. I think I’ve got everything. Posts and comments all seem to be intact, so I now have to start the donkey work.

Any broken links will be attended to as and when I can manage it. If you spot any, please do let me know. I’ll get a “contact me” page up shortly for those who don’t know my email address, or just post a comment on this page.

Also, I know the layout’s a bit poop but my main concern was getting all the data over. I’ll glitz things up, apply a better theme and replace all the gadgets soon. Ish. Work’s about to get very busy for a week or so, so it’ll be around that.

As ever, comments welcome!

2 thoughts on “It’s all change…”

  1. Go to Google and type in “haloscan to wordpress” and a few solutions come up. Actually, I’ll pop a blog post up about it in a few minutes with the links and utilities I used.

    It does cost cash, though – $12 for the upgraded membership at Haloscan so you can drop out your old comments. Not bad, in the grand scheme of things – I’ve been using Haloscan for 3-4 years now, so that’s not a lot each year.

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