4 thoughts on “Today is an important day”

  1. Dare I even ask how long you’ve had it on?!

    Actually, I don’t want to know. Why am I even commenting?! I blame sleep deprivation.

  2. OKaaaaaaaaaay.

    When you say changed – do you mean you’re not wearing the pink thong anymore or have been wearing the same underwear for over a month?

  3. *makes up quick excuse*

    OK, this was a social experiment. And I want to know how nobody posts on social things like my railings on the government, but for some reason has to tell me I smell just because I change my undies once a fortnight.


    Assuming it was once a fortnight. Which it wasn’t. That was just made up. For the experiment.

    And the thong was chafing my puckered starfish.

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