Fuck off, annoying Christians

The Walt Disney Company

This isn’t a go at all Christians, just the usual moral minority handful who are wankers. One in particular has popped her head up and made a tit of herself this week in the news.

First off, I’m not one for art. To me, 2000AD is “art”. I like the pictures and the detail. Constable’s “The Hay Wain” – yeah, credit where it’s due. It’s not exactly a Brian Bisley or Geof Darrow wraparound cover, but there’s definitely some talent there. But a series of fictional characters with bonk-on’s doesn’t really class as “art” to me.

This is what was on display at the Baltic Centre in Gateshead recently. Little sculptures of ET, Mickey Mouse, Jesus and other imaginary figures which most of us would giggle at have caused Emily Mapfuwa to seek the help of the Christian Legal Centre in demanding a fine and jail time for some mad Japanese gimp. Regardless, the police have said there’s no case to answer.

Her comment that they “would not have dared depict Mohammed in such a way” is bang on the money. Because then the Baltic would have been bombed or something, not suffered the whingings of one sad fucker with nothing better to do with her time. One’s an inconvenience, the other’s… well a sad whinging fucker.

Have Disney taken action? No. How about Spielberg? No. And I don’t see the author of the Bible popping up soon demanding damages for copyright violation.

Oh, I also find it amusing that such a thing as the Christian Legal Centre even exists. Roll with it, you arseholes. Some people will insult you. The majority of the world believes other things or believes in nothing. Can’t you just settle yourself with “knowing” we’re all going to Hell and you can stick your fingers up at us in the afterlife?

Oh (2), and “Mapfuwa”? Sounds like a really dodgy sound effect from a Viz cartoon featuring a man masturbating furiously only to be interrupted by a donkey crashing through his front door.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome

So Google has a new web browser out called “Google Chrome“. It’s very much in beta (I think the current release is 0.2) and the interwebnet world is going apeshit about it. I’ve only had an hour or so to play with it as I wait for my bus and… I dunno. It’s got a lot going for it on paper, and there are some features I like but I’ll have to play with it more before I decide if I really like it. It also needs a few more features or plug-ins such as Firefox‘s No-Script.

Oh, and I managed to get it to crash completely which is supposed to be impossible as each tab has its own process. By all means check this one out – open two Gears-enabled sites in two separate tabs and grant the first permission to use Gears. As it’s updating the files, start the same process on the second. Chrome stops responding, or at least it does on my laptop.

Incidentally, as it’s updating the files Chrome very nicely tells you that “Gears is installed and enabled on this computer. You can disable it from the Safari menu.” I guess they’ve not told Gears itself about the new browser, so it thinks it’s Safari! Both browsers are sat on the same codebase (excuse my incorrect terminology) so it’s understandable that Safari is a best guess.

Also, I can’t get the spell-checker to work. I’ve checked all the language settings and they’re fine, but I never get any indication of mis-spelled words in my dialogue boxes.

As I said, it’s a work in progress and it seems like a good idea. Different enough to be worthwhile and something I will continue to toy with. In the meantime, though, Firefox3 is still very much entrenched as my default browser.

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Fucking stupid laws number 612

The new Premier League logo

Mike Ashley, who owns Newcastle United, has had a ticking off from the boys in blue. While watching us getting humped (deservedly) by an excellent Arsenal team on Saturday evening, he was – as he often is – in the away end with the travelling fans. And he drank a beer.

The bastard.

Apparently police received a complaint from a member of the public. They’ve not said what the complaint actually was. I’m reckoning it was along the lines of “how come I can’t get a beer while I’m watching the football, but he can?”

Mike’s (lawyer’s) response is that he had been given the beer and been told it was non-alcoholic, which is about as weak as being pulled over for tonning down the M6 and saying you were about to shit yourself. Not to name any Alex Fergusons. Thing is, doing 100+ down a major motorway is still somewhat dodgy. Drinking a beer (incidentally, while standing up – another offence punishable by death according to some health and safety wankers) shouldn’t really be on the same scale.

Thing is, I’m not sure if it’s an actual law he broke. It’s a Premier League regulation that you can’t drink beer within sight of the pitch. I’ve been to grounds where the steps up to the seated area have yellow boxes painted on them which you’re not allowed to so much as dip your toe into if you’re holding a beer. I’ve been told off for it, even when my back’s been to the pitch and it’s half time so nothing’s happening anyway. Utter lunacy. Note that this is Premier League – I don’t believe the same restriction holds for the lower divisions. It certainly doesn’t for rugby where you can knock back a bottle of JD while sat in your seat for all they care.

Then there’s the whole “standing” thing which gets my goat. Grud forbid we go to a football match and actually fucking enjoy ourselves. What kind of world would that create?

Fucking madness. Yet another example of the laws and bureaucracy and sheer fucking muppetry that has me looking for another country willing to accept me.

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Conclusive proof of the non-existence of God

A raised zebra-crossing-cum-speed-hump at a sc...

Stuff your zebra crossings and Babel Fish.

Geoffrey Perkins, 55 – dead
Douglas Adams, 49 – dead

George W. Bush, 62 – not dead
Paul “Gary Glitter” Gadd, 64 – not dead

The list could go on. So many entertainers and people who make others happy being taken from us – and not just in drug-induced accidents – at young ages while rich scum get to keep on breathing. That’s hardly the working of a just and caring omnipotent being.

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