We wuz robbed

Once again Newcastle came from behind to clinch a point, this time despite playing 10 men against 12. I’m not blaming Manchester City, they didn’t bribe Rob Styles. The guy’s just a useless **** who falls for the AS Roma style of football every time it’s played. You know, fall over and you get a free kick. Or a penalty.

How come 50-odd thousand people in a stadium, plus the TV commentators and every other person watching can see a perfectly good defensive tackle, yet one fuckbag stood 10 yards away seems to miss it? Mind, it’s the third red card he’s dished out this season. One of them he’s already apologised for – the one against Bolton which gave Manchester United a one-goal penalty lead. OK, so they went on to win 2-0, but that first goal will have changed the game.

The same thing happened to us. Down to ten men with 75 minutes of football left, at least we didn’t give up. I will say this for Joe Kinnear. Since he took over I don’t think I’ve seen our lads’ heads go down once.  We’ve come back from deficits so many times recently it’s unreal. A shame we’ve not actually won convincingly…

I expect Styles to go “whoops” again and give us Beye back for the match against the filth at the weekend, but it doesn’t change the fact that the guy’s mad two ******* huge howlers in a short number of matches. Thing is, if he does decide to stick by his decision (and with TV evidence he’d be mad to) there’s nothing the FA can do as – if I’m correct – the referee himself is the only one who can rescind the red card. And if he does admit he’s cocked up, can the FA really allow him to continue refereeing in the top flight without some kind of sight test?

In the meantime it seems they’re looking at censuring Didier Drogba for saying in his autobiography that he wished he’d punched Vidic in the Champions League final. Not that he did and got away with it. But that he wished he had. How many people wouldn’t want to punch Vidic? Or Drogba, come to think of it? Yet again, their standards are all over the place. Roy Keane (now there is a **** and a half) gets away with deliberately (by his own autoboographical admission) breaking someone’s leg. Rob Styles gets away with being ******* ****. But someone says they wish they’d punched somebody and they wake up and start to feel self-important.

Still, to watch Robinho acting like a **** and then only manage a point was rather satisfying. The most expensive player in British football history manages one shot on target in the whole game against a 10-man side. And that was from the penalty spot.

As a humorous addendum, check out the picture at the top. That was Rob Styles’ Wikipedia entry at the end of the first half. I changed it back, though I completely agree with the person who altered it.

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4 thoughts on “We wuz robbed”

  1. As i’ve said over my place – All ASBO needs to do is stick one on Royston Keane. Then i’m sure the fans will respect him

    I do feel sorry for all the fans having to travel to Mordor-On-Wear – all that time with no electricity, running clean water and horse-drawn carriages.

  2. If you’re going to be violent, be violent for a reason. There’s a world of difference between kicking some little kid because he got in your way on the training ground and beating seven bells out of an arrogant mackem bastard who deliberately tried to end another professional’s career.

    At least NUFC supply free buses down. I know someone who went once. They said it was rather unnerving having to shelter their kids inside the bus while the rabble outside threw bricks and bottles at it.

    That was a whole 3-4 years ago.

  3. Aye – it happens every year but the U2/Dublin/Leprechauns consortium will just continue the injustice and not mention their in-bred fans tying to stone innocent Toon fans.

    and sunderland is still a shithole.

  4. Oh, no denying the last point. I’ve been there a couple of times and as far as I can tell it has no redeeming features whatsoever.

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