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Thanks to the wonders of the interwebnetsupermegahighway it’s now easier to get details of even the smaller football teams. While you’ll almost never see a team below the second division (or whatever it’s called this week) on TV unless they get into a decent cup tie, they all have web pages that are well updated by fans or club members.

As such, I’m turning my attention to my home side of the River Tyne and checking out my real “home town” team of Gateshead FC. Currently they sit at the top of the Blue Square North division, a point clear of Tamworth, but have just squandered what should have been an easy three points against bottom-half opposition.

They’re certainly doing well this season, and I can check all the information on their web site without having to pay anyone any money – unlike the upper divisions with their pay-per-view or subscription-based websites which all look the bloody same.

Will I ever get the Gateshead FC logo tattooed on my arm to go with my Newcastle United one? I doubt it. But it’s great being able to follow another local team and should I ever be home at the right time I’ll likely pick up a ticket and go to watch them. It’s £9 compared to Newcastle’s £26 upwards, and the parking’s easier. Plus, it’s good to support the lower levels of the football leagues.

The best thing is I don’t feel “guilty” about having a second team as I’ve got connections to both. In fact, if anything, I should be more of a Gateshead than a Newcastle fan given that I was born and raised on the south side of the Tyne.

With the costs of supporting a Premiership team, if you’ve given up a season ticket or regular match attendance for financial reasons, why not look around your area for another team that would welcome your support? You still get live football, most of the lower leagues still kick off at 3pm on a Saturday so you’ll still be able to watch the Premiership games on the telly courtesy of their frequently buggered-about kick-off times and you’ll be pumping cash into football where it’s needed.

It’s win/win.

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5 thoughts on “Secondary football team”

  1. If Gateshead get promotoed and Ebbsfleet don’t get relegated, then I’ll hopefully travelling up to watch this Blue Square Premier clash next season – if you’re around then, could meet up for a pre/post match pint!

    You will be dragged through the streets in chains for this.

    can’t blame you though.
    Whitley Bay are two games away from Wembley.

  3. Weenie – it’s a date, if I’m around. Of course, if I’m back in the UK the chances are I’ll be living in Scotland doing a university course…

    Damo – let’s face it, NUFC seem to be doing everything in their power to alienate and drive away the fan base. I’m still sticking with them, but can’t be arsed forking out ridiculous sums of money to bloat the already wealthy. I’d rather cough up cash to someone who needs it. Good news about the ‘Bay though.

  4. My geography’s rubbish but Scotland to Gateshead must be roughly the same as Manchester to Gateshead but going the other way??

  5. Hey Weenie. Yeah, you’re about right. From Gateshead, you drive down the A1 to (roughly) Bradford which takes about 90 mins, then head west to Manchester which you should reach in an hour or so in clear traffic.

    North, you jump on the A1 again and after about 90-120 mins you’ll breach the border. Mind, you’re on the east and it’ll take at least another hour or so to reach any city that has a reasonable-sized football club.

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