The Pope is a fuckwit

Pope Benedict XVI during visit to São Paulo, B...
His parents should have used condoms

OK, Pope Benedict XVI is both an ex-Nazi and a complete and utter ******* idiot. Well, obviously being the head of the Catholic church he’s already short of a few beans, but he’s really just proved it beyond reasonable doubt with his latest spouting of gobshite.

It seems that condoms are not the answer in fight against AIDS. According to the Associated Press, Benedict said “you can’t resolve it with the distribution of condoms.” He said that “on the contrary it increases the problem.”

He’s heading for Africa which is renowned for having one of the worst AIDS problems worldwide. This has not been helped by Catholic missionaries spreading lies like this for so long. Some people have been specifically told by them that using condoms will increase their risk of developing AIDS. Has the Catholic church got some evidence that the scientific community is missing? Or do they just hate black people to the point where they want to exterminate all Africans? Oh, wait… we’re back to Benedict being a member of the Hitler Youth again.

I know someone working in Bamenda, Cameroon. He’s there with a charity helping to promote condom use in a bid to reduce the number of AIDS-infected people there. He’s really working his arse off in a backwater town, living in a house with dodgy electricity and occasionally usable water supply. And along comes some sheltered idiot who lives in a palace who thinks he knows better than someone on the front line. Or several thousand people with medical degrees.

Dear Mr Pope. Please, please, please take your religion and **** off. By all means, shag all the choirboys and puss-ridden whores that you please. After all, as long as you don’t use a condom then you’re fine. Just don’t try and destroy an entire continent through your ignorance and selfishness.

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I read this once.

Women and Men are products of original sin. therefore the orifice that women use for sex is sinful.
So, this is why the Catholic priests are known for anal sex – it’s sin free!
et voila!




The sad thing is that by abusing the choirboys, these boys grow up in turn to be sick monsters who go on to abuse, in a horrible vicious circle. Religion is so wrong when it hides such depravity.


Weenie – true. But I’d just lop the last few words off that closing sentence: “Religion is so wrong”. That about covers it.

I’ve had a few words with “OurMan” as he’s been getting a fistful since he criticised the pope on his blog. Given that Steve is working in Cameroon for an AIDS charity, I was astounded when one person commented on his blog that he questioned the motives of anyone working to help people when they weren’t doing it for religious reasons.

Whuh?! Essentially, he’s saying that if you don’t help people because the Bible tells you to then it’s dubious. Excuse me? Isn’t it somewhat critical of the way your parents raised you if you need some sodding guidebook to decide whether you should help anyone?

Religion – pointless, pathetic and verging on being evil. Frankly. Simple question: would the world be any better/worse without religion? It’d sure give us one less thing to fight about.