Q Clearance – Peter Benchley

I only know Benchley from the likes of The Deep and Jaws, so expected a pretty taught and bloody thriller. Instead, Q Clearance is a light-hearted political farce and I thoroughly enjoyed my surprise.

It follows a scriptwriter in the White House who, pretty much by accident, gets noticed by the President… and the Russians. It’s difficult to say too much without revealing some of the plot. It is a little “by numbers” and the ending is a bit too swift, almost rushed, but other than that I found it a great books and very hard to put down.

The writing’s superb with at least a chuckle on most pages. I don’t know if there are any deliberate likenesses to any real-life characters in there, so I could be missing out on some satire.

I’m now not sure if I want to read his better-known works. After zipping through this in a couple of days because I enjoyed the humour I don’t know if I’ll enjoy something more “thriller-y” as much from the same author.

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