A vote for the BNP is a vote for him

The BNP - they worship my cock
The BNP - they worship my cock

It’s European Parliamentary election day in the UK tomorrow. If you’re thinking you won’t bother voting, I’m begging you – at least pop down to the local centre and pop a piece of paper in the box to help prevent the BNP gaining any territory.

With the mess the incumbent government have made, it’s easy to want to get rid of them. The Tories and Lib Dems have also had their fair share of dodgy MPs as far as the expenses thing is concerned. But that’s no reason to turn to fascism, racism and – eventually – a divided nation and a divided Europe.

Think before you cast a protest vote. Think not about who you’re protesting against but also who you could be lending your support to. And then think if they really deserve it.

My grandad fought so that Hitler wouldn’t take over our country. It would be an insult if you supported a party comprised of many little wannabe Hitlers.

I don’t care who you do vote for. Just don’t vote for this filth.

Don’t believe they’re racist? Then check out the following:

Don’t believe they’re cunning, and that they haven’t changed despite their slightly glossier new look? Check this one – at least they’ve learned how to use “spin”:

There are loads more videos on YouTube and plenty of other sources out there.

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