Another little utility I’ve started using is Backupify. Unlike such backup tools as the excellent Dropbox, Backupify doesn’t take things off your PC and store them online… it takes your online resources and backs them up. In this case, using the Amazon cloud.


There are little utilities for over a dozen common online resources including Google Mail, flickr, twitter, facebook, WordPress blogs and so on. The format the backup is made in with oft-times not be hugely useful (a massive xml file, for instance) but it’s better than nothing. In the event of a serious failure, Backupify technicians will help you restore it in some fashion.

The site is in beta and that’s one reason it’s operating at a very low price right now – free. As long as you register before January 31st 2010, you will get free lifetime use of Backupify for nothing. Including all upgrades etc. After the deadline they’ll be offering a free version with less features and scaled pricing depending on various factors.

It takes the briefest of moments to set up each backup (except WordPress which involves downloading an installing a plugin). These will run initially over a week so they’re not hammering servers anywhere and then become more regular as smaller differential backups are taken.

You can checkout your history, browse files and get a report via the online interface.

It’s simple. It’s free. It’s useful. As far as I’m aware, it’s also unique. Highly recommended.

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2 thoughts on “Backupify”

  1. I’ve used SysCloudSoft’s on premise backup and found it very useful. The software provides a backup for unlimited Google Apps data with a single click.Scheduled incremental backups are also possible every 1 hr. The software is secure with 512 bit encryption and users can view their emails in Outlook or Thunderbird.

    The best advantage is that personal users can backup unlimited Google Apps Data for FREE – Gmail, Google Docs,Contacts,Calendar,Sites. For businesses it starts at $399

    go to for a free trial

  2. No prizes for guessing who Tracy works for! However, it’s always good to have options.

    I went with Backupify because they cover a wide array of services for free and with a fairly generous amount of storage space. However, unlimited Google storage for free could be useful especially if it includes Picasa – my Backupify account is near its limit as I’m using it to back up my Flickr pictures!

    One thing that I liked about Backupify was its WordPress backup, but they’ve discontinued that. So I may well check out SysCloud.

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