Getting tee’d off with WordPress

Love it... but it's annoying me

Just a quick whinge to see if anyone else is having this issue. I’ve trawled the WordPress support groups and posted myself, but had no responses.

Since upgrading to v3.0, my “Add New Post” dashboard won’t remember where all my widgets are placed. I drag and drop them, create a new post… and next time I go back, they’re back in “default” positions again. Yes, I’ve tried disabling plug-ins and I’ve had no joy.

It happens regardless of browser (tried Chrome, Firefox and IE – on multiple machines) and operating system (Windows and Ubuntu). I’m running two blogs on v3.0 and the issue is the same on both.

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6 thoughts on “Getting tee’d off with WordPress”

  1. I have and it is – but the problem’s nothing to do with the theme. This is the editing/admin area – pre-publication.

  2. Not something I’ve ever come across before, but then I haven’t been using WP that lomg. The only other thing I could think of is whether it is an issue with your server since that’s where the admin sits. Or caching? You can tell I’m clutching at straws here.

  3. No idea. I seem to remember a similar problem a few updates ago, and I *think* that was resolved by a patch or an update to one of the plug-ins.

    Having said that, nobody else is having the problem and I’ve tried disabling plug-ins…

  4. I’m part of a WordPress group so I’ll see if they have any siggestions. Would it be possible to get a screenshot of how they should be and how they are resetting? Email me separately if you can.

  5. Cheers, fella. Will see what I can do. Had one reply (after several weeks) on WordPress support forums from one other person with the same issue.

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