Drugs and holy rollers

Cocaine powder
Go on - sniff your brain out

Two news stories caught my ear today, both of which made me once again question the sanity of some of the idiots I’m forced to share this planet with.

First up was a revelation that Britain’s cocaine, heroin and so on is at an all time low purity level, often times as low as 20% actual drugs and 80% “filler”. This can be anything from talcum to rat poison to ground glass. You know something? I don’t care.

Much as I believe in a person’s right to do what they want as long as it’s behind closed doors and doesn’t affect anyone else, I’m still rather anti-drugs. Whatever your legal stance on it, class A drugs are addictive and potentially deadly at the best of times. I’ve heard of enough cases of children being left to fend for themselves while parents tend to their smack addiction to know that drugs are pretty much a filthy thing that should be expunged from society.

The fact that people are complaining that their additive brain-destroying chemical is being mixed with something that might make their tummy bleed really is madness.

Got a problem with it? Don’t bloody use drugs, then you ******* idiot. It’s pretty simple. But then, anyone daft enough to snort Columbian marching powder for a hobby probably isn’t intelligent enough to see that.

OK, rant number two: some numpty somewhere (I think the US, but I only caught the end of the story on the radio) has announced that on September 11th they’re going to broadcast themselves burning the Koran. Well, that’s just great. Why not just insult a billion Muslims just to protest the actions of a couple of dozen. Who are already dead.

The high command in Afghanistan have begged them not to do it as the repercussions against troops posted there could be horrendous.

Seriously, does nobody think about the consequences of their actions any more?

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9 thoughts on “Drugs and holy rollers”

  1. I agree with you on the drugs issue, although the same can be said of alcohol, but that’s taxed and legal so it’s okay. As for the eejits planning to burn the Koran, don’t they have laws to prevent that sort of lunacy in the US? And is it designed to provoke the very response they’ve been warned about?

  2. Yeah, saying what’s right and wrong substance-wise is a minefield. However, class A’s *are* illegal and alcohol (rightly or wrongly) isn’t. I still think shoving stuff up your nose or mainlining it is a little more extreme and drinking.

    I’m not sure about the Koran thingy. Burning it must come under freedom of expression. And bear in mind that the insane bitch who ran for vice president a while back was all for burning the science textbooks in Alaska…

  3. I’m with you on the drugs thing – if people want to do it, fair enough. But if you can’t afford to do it and have to burgle houses to support your habit then all bets are off. And no, I don’t have any sympathy about the drugs being cut with dangerous crap – all of it is dangerous crap.

    Since I’ve never heard of alcoholics commit similar crimes to support their habits, then I see it as in a different league and of course, it’s still considered legal and less addictive. Although sometimes, you could be drinking some unknown beer and wonder if some gnat’s piss has been mixed into it…

  4. Alcoholics not only abandon kids to get wankered, but can also end up abusing them. Alcohol is therefore also a filthy thing that should be banned from society, by your own logic.

    Alternatively, perhaps it’s idiots who are to blame and the substance has nothing to do with it? No, that’s a silly idea.

  5. Absolutely true, John. I am curious as to know if there’s a “scale of addictiveness” for various drugs. I know, for instance, that nicotine is often lauded as one of the most addictive substances known but how is that measured? Is there some chemical chart that will say if someone is more likely to become addicted to something than something else?

    With my same logic, we should also ban World of Warcraft. Families have suffered and murders have occurred due to it! But, yes, it’s idiots to blame. I just happen to believe that if you go ahead and snort coke despite all the warnings then you *are* an idiot. An idiot who’s made an informed choice – but an idiot nonetheless.

    Amy, in fairness, drunks can and do commit crimes to feed their habit. It just tends to be more petty theft as the stuff is far more cheaply available. There’s also the other argument that drunks often cause more misery to others while under the influence – battery, assault, drink driving and so forth.

  6. Burning the Koran is meant to be offensive to muslims. The guy organising it is an evangelical turd, a classic example of the Christian Right (i.e. he’s no Christian, and he’s not right either). He sees this as a global cultural war, and from his cosy little home in America he’s not in the least bit worried that he’ll inflame sentiments. Thats what he’s trying to do.

    Regarding drugs… People do stupid stuff. Sometimes they grow out of it. I’d quite like them to be given that chance. Put rat poison in their heroin and they’ll probably croak it before that happens.

    Thing is, at present its rather hard for people to get past making that mistake already. Its very easy to get addicted to, say, heroin. And the supply chain being what it is, people end up as criminal scum to fund that addiction very, very easily indeed. Telling people they can’t do that or treating them as criminals every step along the way hasn’t made this problem go away.

    I’m totally anti-drugs, as you know. But it strikes me that the way we’ve handled this issue for the last fifty years has been, basically, a bit ****. Drug addiction and the crime that goes with it hasn’t gone away.

  7. I read earlier that the church in question has financial problems, so it could be he’s just after the publicity and donations as well. Perhaps selling his story for a few dollars.

    All true – the “war on drugs” has largely been a pointless waste of cash. We had a presentation this morning by two kids who had been to Columbia as part of a Scottish schools’ initiative to see the damage being done by the people who make the cash from cocaine sales. Their viewpoint is that if people knew the damage their money was causing then perhaps they’d think twice about spending money on the white powder. Who knows – anything is worth a shot.

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