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Strathclyde University - Jordanhill Campus
Strathclyde University - Jordanhill Campus

I’m sure there are a few of you out there who don’t follow my goings-on via facebook and/or Twitter so I thought I might as well put a few words up here. This blog is rapidly becoming a film review site and I don’t want that!

Recent news – I applied for a PGDE (Primary) course at Strathclyde University and found out this week, after interview, that I hadn’t got on. I’m disappointed, but it’s not the end of the world. With over 800 people competing for barely 130 places I’m glad I at least got as far as an interview. I guess I’ll see how things stand close to term starting and I may ring to see if there have been any drop-outs. Or I try again next year.

What’s a real shame is that next year will be the last time the course will be running at the Jordanhill campus and I really liked it there. Far more convenient and lovely surroundings – much better (and cheaper) than traipsing into the city centre every day.

What else? Well, Gill and I are still doing remarkably well. I guess she’s just not got bored of me yet. The two kids are just amazing. I honestly didn’t realise how much I would enjoy taking on the responsibility of kids. OK, so I only see them all at weekends and holidays but I’m looking forward to July when – assuming I don’t arse things up like I have a habit of doing – I’ll be moving in with them.

In the meantime I’ve been helping redecorate, put together furniture and “tech” the house up a bit. We had been hoping to move to another place (and such a lovely place), but financially it’s just not viable at the moment. Instead we’re looking at extending the existing place and staying put for a few years. Nice location, though, and good for schools for the kids – and hopefully for me!

On the job front, things aren’t looking fantastic with precisely no full-time vacancies for Computing teachers being advertised. There’s always supply, and I have no issues with going back to IT if it’s going to pay the bills. Hell, the dive company that Gill is doing her SCUBA training with is after divemasters, so you never know – I could go that direction instead.

Work is going well. I’m lucky enough to have fantastic support at the school at which I’m doing my NQT year. Teaching isn’t as easy as you might have thought it was when you were the kid sat in the classroom staring out of the window. I’m definitely on the downhill slope towards the year end, and will be losing a fair few classes to exam leave in the very near future. Revision time!

As mentioned, though, the job situation sucks and it seems the Scottish government have decided that their money saving plans for next year are best focussed on destroying the education system as best they can while ensuring that the upper echelons of Holyrood get to keep their flash cars and velvet-upholstered toilet seats. But that will be another blog post.

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6 thoughts on “Catch-up post”

  1. Yeah, it was getting that way. It’s partly getting the time and partly whacking all the stuff I usually whinge about up on Twitter and facebook!

  2. Good to read the update. I don’t really use Facebook or Twitter that much and don’t follow you on either. I have been moving away from Facebook with all the issues going on there, and I don’t know your Twitter name…

    Sorry to hear about how bad the budget issues are being on the education system. I know how hard teachers work after running the computer lab at a small college for a while.

    Everything else sounds good. Although a little less “I’m waiting for me to screw up” might be good. (Said as someone who goes through the same thing as much or more than you seem to. The main thing stopping me from posting items like that on my blog is a lack of someone significant to screw up with.)

    Oh, and I should note that I have already gotten a link to your Twitter feed from the sidebar and am starting to follow you.

  3. Yeah, I got the email about you following me on Twitter. Make a pleasant change for a real person to add me instead of the usual bots and “entrepreneurs”.

    As things stand, all of the above are proposals although the local council stuff seems to have been decided on already despite every head teacher in the city telling them how bloody ridiculous it is. We’ve had meetings with parents recently who are shocked (which is good to know). I don’t think any of them realised how big the cuts were or how severely they’d affect their children.

    Politicians may not give a crap about the teachers, but we’re vastly outnumbered by the parents and all of them can vote.

  4. The problem is that often the parents don’t find out how bad it is until it is too late. They can vote the politicians out but the damage has already been done. I hope it goods better for you.

    Of course, living in the US I am used to seeing the politicians doing what they want and then getting the people so mad at “the other side” they get to stay in office anyway.

  5. We can only hope enough of them write to their MPs with a “put this in place and we’ll vote you out next time” message.

    Our downside here is that no matter which party gets in, they’re all bloody useless.

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