Arnold Clark – lying, two-faced ********

Lying ******** AVOID.

NEVER EVER EVER consider buying a car from these dodgy shysters.

To date Arnold Clark have:

  • Failed to return a car stereo in a vehicle I part-ex’d with them despite promising to do so. Sales staff simply stopped returning my calls after I purchased my new car.
  • Taken 3+ months to organise a half-day warranty repair. And then took 3 days to perform said repair. During the palaver, they claimed (to Renault, the only way I was able to organise anything was via the manufacturer!) to have spoken to me on several occasions – they didn’t. Not once. They also “confirmed” an appointment with me which I’d never spoken to them about and which I couldn’t have attended.
  • Mis-sold a car to my wife regarding size and specs, then refused to exchange our previous car back. Sales person lied to their manager about what he’d told us and how we had evaluated the vehicle. Manager believed him over us. We ended up having to get another vehicle elsewhere and ended up approximately £2000 out of pocket.
  • Sold my wife a car with a chipped windscreen (hidden by a sticker at the showroom), with a passenger door that won’t open from the inside, and a dodgy key that won’t start the car.

It’s a 7-seater and we need a vehicle this size. She’s been told that she has to pay for a hire vehicle (or specifically the insurance on one) while they fix their shoddy sale, and I will bet you our house that it will be something the size of a Clio, not the size we require. In other words, it’ll be useless.

The only thing stopping me driving down there and having it out with one of the lying, two-faced ******** is that she’s made me promise I won’t. I am FUMING at the moment and want nothing more than to go down when they’re busy and ensure that they make no sales while I’m on or near the premises.

I gather that Scotland has no trespass laws, so can they actually eject me? They certainly can’t have me moved on from the road outside…

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Arnold Clark – lying, two-faced ********:


Arnold Clark – lying, two-faced ********

Sandra McFadden

Why don’t we all get together and press joint legal action, this company are getting away with lies everyday. They just think it’s ok to brake the law. If you sign a document on misleading information then the consumer protection should take this up?

Audrey Baillie

We are having issues with Arnold Clark at the moment,we took photographic and video evidence of faults in the car,it is a dangerous vehicle n they tried to make us out liars,absolute lying snakes


Just dropped off my car this morning for its 20k service and also when I booked appointment on phone I said that the boot lid edge paint was flaking and along the rest of the edge was scuffed and slightly pitted.
When I got there I showed the engineer and what it looks like to me is the boot lid doesn’t run 100% parallel with the bumper , he agreed and I suggested that it might be when it’s dirty or build up of dirty water it’s been scuffing . Now it’s scuffed and peeling at one corner and right through to metal (no primer underneath may I add !!)

Anyway got a call back today saying car has been serviced but in regards to the peeling paint it’s been put down to a rear end bump that’s pushed the bumper up at one side causing it to peel paint (BULLSHIT!!!) he’s saying there’s clear marks off paint on bumper. I am a car perv and I can gaurntee that I would have noticed this . To me it’s been **** cost of paint and faulty install of either boot or bumper . I obviously never noticed it as it’s hard to spot unless your looking along the seem of the spacing but over the 2 years I had car from new it’s got worse without me know about it until the paint flaked/peeling.

Going into see them tomorrow will keep you up dated.

Has anyone had any experience of the with vw paint???


Well as promised here is what happened today.

After trying to get through the days work to get to the dealership for around 2pm to collect car I had played through in my head all day my wording to be used (in a polite term) to get my point across how disappointed I was with the service.


They somehow had a change of mind that it was to be fixed , although it was still in there belief a light collision had happened even if it was parked at a supermarket .
They said as a will of good gesture and as long as we gave them a good feedback and continued to bring our car for serviceing etc etc.

“Your dam tooting” I think my reply was

I can laugh about it now but I have heard some horror stories and I do believe for every 1 good cop there’s 2 bad so I may just have been lucky .
Mind you he did say when he walked out to meet me I was standing like I was going to choke him with his tie .

In the end I am getting it fixed free of charge but I WILL be keeping a close eye on all edges of all panels .
Note : I read somewhere that the metallic paints are bad for plate sized shadows under the lacquer! Mines is polar white so don’t have that issue but for future readers .

Again I will post with how car comes out of repair shop.

MOSH: I have been reading exactly what you have heard
Not very confident in any dealer out there. Which is sad when your paying through the nose for the most deprecating tool known to man !!

Alan laing

I think we should take these lying cheats to court collectively,
I purchased a car for my son from the Glenrothes, Fife branch. After having. The car for three months the gearbox went. The garage said that after inspection it needed a new gearbox but that would cost more than my warranty, little did I know at that time that I had could have requested them to repair free of charge and without using my warranty. Nevertheless they said they had to remove the gearbox and send it to a specialist company .

The car was ready within two weeks. On returning the car I had the car independently checked as there was a new knocking noise. My mechanic found tpdamage to the underside of the car.

I brought this to the attention of Arnold Clark they asked to have a second opportunity to repair, I denied at first but surrendered, but requested that I needed a report about the gearbox rebuild and to know who the specialist company were . Arnold Clark denied giving me this siting that it was data protection that stopped them giving me this information . I stated who’s data were they trying to protect ? after all it was my warranty they used to rebuild it therefor surely the information was mine?

After several attempts to gain this information Arnold Clark then stated they rebuilt the gearbox!!!!! I said that this is not what they told me several times and memorialised this in an e mail.

Eventually they refused completely to give me this information.

I was told by their manager at Glenrothes, Craig Stevenson, that he was going to do nothing about my complaint and their customer service in Glasgow clearly lied and I have evidence of this and to add insult to injury, Arnold Clark told me that just because I spent £16,000 I was expecting preferential treatment !!!!

Arnold Clark are lying cheating robbing ******** .. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS .. buy a car from a non Arnold Clark garage watch out for their non named franchise garages as well.

Sir Arnold Clark must be turning in his early grave .. shame on you !
Sir Arnold Clark was known to me and this aftermath of his legacy is shameful and illegal .

Jon honeyman

Bout car. A mokka no checks done when it was sold numerous things wrong ***** want to sell car worst experience ever arsholes ******* staff are ducklings lazy ********