2019 Pic 32

Today was my first official day in the new flat. Fortunately, to offset the loneliness, I had two volunteers for a sleepover. McDonald’s plus cake plus sweets plus a YouTube marathon certainly helped with things. My PC is all set up and I’m back to having two screens which is nice, too. Maybe I’ll get some work done now (hahahahahaha).

2 thoughts on “2019 Pic 32”

  1. I’m liking all these pictures in my feed again! Dry tortilla, breakfast of champions (in this house anyway).

  2. That was a McDonald’s crispy chicken wrap that he was having for dinner! First meal in the house was a treat for them. Ice cream and sweets and cake after as well. Their mum feeds them sensible, healthy food. I give them crap. It balances out.

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