2019 Pic 54

It’s always nice when a Krav Maga seminar rolls around, and this was one of the best I’ve been on. Taking place at an airsoft arena in the arse end of Glasgow (a city with many arse ends, in fairness), it was all about coping with being slammed against walls. Or pinned against walls. Or having a knife to your throat which is keeping you pushed up against a wall. You know… walls.

The final section was a wander through a small set of rooms with some “surprises” round the corners – instructors dressed in necessarily heavy padding. Time to break out the skills we’d been practising! It wasn’t just me, though, it was Ellissa’s first jaunt back to Krav in a while as she’s been focussing on her uni work. She’d not lost her touch though. Proud dad!

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