2019 Pic 89

Finger lickin’ breakfast. I managed to score a ticket for the KFC Open Kitchen event at the Govan branch this time around. Only a fiver for a couple of hours exploring the kitchen, cooking and food at one of my favourite restaurants – and the fiver went to a local charity. There were supposed to be nine people, but three were no-shows. Courtesy of manager Amanda, visiting manager Chloe from the Linwood branch and Mohammed the chicken-breading expert (I really hope I got the names right. I’m so bad with names), the group of us found out a lot about the food and how it’s prepared.

Bonus, we also got to build our own burger… using whatever ingredients we wanted! Needless to say I went sauce mad with a different once between each layer of my perfectly constructed Saucy Zinger Tower ™. I also came away with a KFC cap, chef’s apron, free meal voucher and some other gubbins. A great way to start the day.

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