2019 Pic 103

Ah, memories. I used to get tons of comics and annuals when I was a kid. Although I’ve stuck with 2000AD, I used to get a load of the more “child friendly” ones in the runup – Whizzer & Chips, Whoopee, Nutty, Buster and all that stuff. A year or two ago, Rebellion Publishing (who now own 2000AD et al) managed to purchase the rights to a lot of these titles, as well as a huge library of material.

So as well as reprinting some classic strips from creators such as the incredible Leo Baxendale, they also have carte blanche to create new strips using the old characters, bringing them up to date a little. This is their first effort, a bumper issue headlined “COR!! BUSTER” but featuring characters from perhaps eight or nine different comics. I was sold by a couple of things – the faithfulness to the original characters and, in some cases, artists; and the little pop culture references. There’s one in particular on the final page of the Kid Kong story that had me giving a genuine guffaw followed by a chortle.

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