2019 Pic 13

Because cupcakes always taste better when you make them yourself. OK, so by “myself” I mean that the wife made them. Except for the icing which was done by the youngest. So I actually don’t mean “by yourself” at all. More “by someone else, but not in a factory”. And with an element of child labour.

I’ll just shut up and eat them. As luck would have it, the littlest likes icing but doesn’t like cake so…

2019 Pic 12

A little treat to cheer myself up – two limited edition 2000AD novels (both signed), which happened to arrive at the same time as my weekly prog and monthly Megazine. Turns out I’ve missed a load of 2000AD books I didn’t know about and some of them are now rather hard to get. They’re all being released digitally with an initial small print run of around 200-250 which is kind of a shame. I do prefer dead tree.