2019 Pic 265

After a fun start sorting out breakfast for 7 slightly hung over band members and seeing them off, the day took a downturn when Niamh was badly behaved (again) so wasn’t allowed to go swimming. I took Austin on his own instead and we had a great time, then headed back to the flat and watched a Fast & Furious film together. Nice to hang with my dude for a while, though a shame it was at the expense of his little sister. Hopefully she’ll learn one of these days.

2019 Pic 190

Another film one, though today was about more than just going to see the movie. Today was Hans’ last day in Glasgow, but it was fairly relaxed after a couple of days of trying to fit a ton of stuff in. Yesterday we caught a TV show recording, walked around the West End, interviewed a band, sampled some rather nice food (from “Kings” on Sauchiehall Street who aren’t on Google Maps) and went to a gig.

Today, we did some shopping, visited my work, enjoyed dinner with two of my colleagues and saw Spider-Man: Far From Home before heading to Buchanan Street to drop him off for his midnight bus to Birmingham.

I hope it’s not another six or seven years before I see him again…