2019 Pic 206

Happy 7th birthday to the most precious little girl in the world (her sister isn’t little anymore, though is equally precious to me). I’m glad she liked her present, though I doubt it will come as close to making her as happy as she makes me.

Does anyone remember the wonderful moment in The Simpsons where Homer used little pictures of Maggie to alter a workplace sign to “Do It For Her”? Niamh did that for me when I was working at a previous job (see bonus picture). Every day working for an awful “boss” tempered by the fact that I was bringing home a pay cheque for her and her siblings. I would literally do anything for them.

2019 Pic 205

Niamh likes stickers and I’ve been trying to find a decent scrap book for her to put them into rather than just plastering them in random places. Thanks to my dad, I picked up some really nice ones from Hobbycraft at Glasgow Fort today. Austin decided to get one for sketching in as well. He then went and decorated the cover of his and Niamh’s. He did a great job. What an awesome big brother!