2019 Pic 167

I could have posted pics of the kids, or the swag I netted this morning (the best bit being the little keyring that Niamh made for me). Or the photo of me out with my two youngest at KFC for Daddy’s treat. Or the awesome card they got me.

But if it wasn’t for the old bugger in this picture I’d not have them. Hell, I’d not be here. Thanks, Dad. For everything. Which you continue to do to this day. Seriously, take a rest at some point and letĀ us do stuff forĀ you!

2019 Pic 162

I went with Ellissa to see The Piano Guys tonight and it was utterly brilliant. A fantastic show that I’d recommend to anyone! Full review is up on Moshville Times, and it was great to spend an evening with the eldest – something I really don’t do enough of. Hopefully I’m making up for lost time with her, certainly we both enjoyed the trip to the Armadillo.

2019 Pic 151

A busy evening, and this was after dinner… Both kids with their heads down finishing their Kumon, then Niamh decided she wanted to try Daddy’s new guitar. So Austin had to have a go after. Then I ended up with both of them making a racket when Niamh dig out her little keyboard that Mummy had very kindly given her new batteries for (I will have my revenge). I’ll spare you the video footage. Jigsaw time next as the pair of them put a fleet of unicorns back together (100 pieces), but then balked at the next one with its 300 “tiny” pieces which they’ll have a stab at tomorrow.