Random 15 Music Meme

I got this one from Beth (awesome blog – please check it out!) via facebook. I’m popping it on there and also on this blog for those of you who have not yet succumbed to Zuckerberg‘s evil invention.

1. Turn on your mp3 player, ipod or the music player on your computer.

2. Go to shuffle songs mode.

3. Write down the first 15 songs that come up, song title and artist, no editing/cheating please

4. Choose 15 people to be tagged.

Either drop me a note/link to your list on your blog in the comments, or do the facebook version. That is, go to the “Notes” tab on your profile page, click “Write a note”,  paste these instructions in the body of the note, enter your 15 shuffle songs, tag 15 people under the post then click publish.

  1. Paradise Lost – Your Own Reality
  2. Kiss/Peter Criss – You Matter To Me
  3. System Of A Down – Attack
  4. The Wildhearts – Splattermania
  5. Megadeth – Disconnect
  6. Cavalera Conspiracy – Must Kill
  7. The Calling – Unstoppable
  8. Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction
  9. Hayseed Dixie – Donkeys in Morocco
  10. Death – Killing Spree
  11. REO Speedwagon – Ridin’ The Storm Out
  12. T’Pau – Heart and Soul
  13. Slipknot – Liberate (live)
  14. Norther – **** You
  15. Kiss – No No No
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2000 AD logo.
The Galaxy's Greatest

Pinched this from JAC:


A 2-month backlog of 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazines. And then back to David Baldacci‘s Last Man Standing.


Ashes to Ashes season 3, episode 7.


See above. Ploughed through the whole series in a day.


Not enough… still digesting my jumbo sausage and chips from last night. Not actually eaten anything today yet!


My last week off before going back to full-time work for the first time in almost 5 years. And the fact that I have a flat/room of my own with someone who seems like a great flatmate.


Far too many things at the moment! Mostly work- and future-related.

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Alphabetti Meme

A – ACCENT:  Varies. “Northern” seems to be about it. Most people seem to guess at Scots, but I pick up the accent from who I’m with at times.

B – BOOBS: Yes. I like them. I am also getting old so I’m developing a pair of my own.

C – CHORE YOU HATE: Cooking.

D – DAD’S NAME: Robert

E – ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP ITEM: Bright red lip gloss. Goes with my Rocky Horror costume.


G – GOLD OR SILVER: Probably silver but I don’t wear jewellery

H – HOMETOWN: Born in Gateshead, will be living in Edinburgh from this month till July next year. After that… guess I’ll be a drifter again.

I – INSOMNIA: I wouldn’t say I have insomnia, I just don’t need much sleep

J – JOB TITLE: Newly Qualified Teacher (as of August 16th)

K – KIDS: None yet, but good grief I want them. Badly.

L – LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Tonight? Air bed in Kaz’s spare room. Last three nights? Tent in a field. Before that, 2 nights at Andy’s and a night at Helen’s. Bangkok airport the night before that, hostel before that (2 different ones, 2 nights). Hostel, boat (room and deck in various occasions), island (mattress, hammock and table) for the previous 8 weeks… Will be house-hunting in Edinburgh next week for a flat/house-share which should hopefully last me till July 2011.

M – MUM’S NAME: Mina

N – NUMBER OF TIMES YOU WANT TO SLAP SOME SENSE INTO SOMEONE:  Varies from day to day. Note that I am a secondary school teacher… so obviously this never happens with the kids. I just feel the urge to repeat myself, rephrase myself, and then hand them off to a psychologist to find out what one of a billion “conditions” they could have which would explain their laziness and unwillingness to learn. Honest.

O – OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: Never since I left with my mum the first time.

P – PHOBIA: Heights, probably. Not a real phobia. I jumped out of an aeroplane after all. But I could never bungee jump

Q – QUEST: Wife/partner, couple of kids, secure job I’m happy with. How hard can that be?

R – RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: None at all whatsoever in the slightest. OK. Heavy Metal, if you insist


T – TIME YOU WAKE UP: Usually by 8am. Earlier if required by work

U – UNNATURAL HAIR COLOURS YOU’VE WORN: Had the tiniest bit of purple in my hair once for about 2 days, but you could hardly see it.


W – WORST HABIT: Pick my nose and eat it. Hey, I could be a serial killer.

X – X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: Just tooth-related ones as far as I can remember

Y – YUMMY FOODS YOU MAKE: Worlds most awesome chicken burgers

Z – ZANY QUIRK: Zany? Erm. Nothing zany, really. Unless anyone wants to correct me?

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Reasons to be cheerful

This may seem like a bit of an egotistical post, but it’s not meant to be. More a list of positive things about myself I can always rely on to make me realise I’m not a complete failure. Feel free to rip the idea for yourself.

1) I have an awesome immune system

2) I can manage on 2-4 hours’ sleep a night

3) I never get a hangover

4) I know what it is like to be completely, deeply and amazingly in love with someone. OK, it didn’t work out but I know what it felt like – so I know what I need to find again.

5) I have no problem coping with extremes of temperature and humidity

6) I very, very rarely get stressed about anything

7) I’m really good with kids of all ages

8) I’ve done so many things I never thought I would, so I have some excellent memories and stories

9) I have a very analytical/logical mind which goes well with most of the jobs I’ve ever had

10) My weight seems to be fairly stable so I can get away with eating loads of crap

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Senses meme

Another one half-inched from Helen.


Do you wear any type of corrective lenses? Not any more – I had laser eye surgery in Bangkok last year and the year before.

Who is the first person you see in the morning? Varies. Usually my aunt, failing that it’s any old random in the street who I see from the car.

What do you see when you look out your window? Back “home” (i.e. the aunt’s) I see the Campsies and it’s lovely.

Name one place you’d like to see that you haven’t yet: South America. And yes, I know that’s a big place. I’m greedy.

Would you rather see the sun shining or snow falling? Sun shining

What is the ugliest article of clothing you’ve ever seen? I’m a bloke. I have no dress sense.

Who makes your eyes light up when you see them? My little cousin.

Is there somewhere you’ve been that has a great view? My flat in Chamonix when I worked there. Straight out at the Aguile du Midi. Stunning.

How often do you see your family? Aunt/uncle, pretty much most days as I live with them for the moment. Parents usually twice a month at present, on average.

What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Up In The Air on Wednesday evening.

What was the last concert you went to? Graspop Metal Meet in Belgium last summer. Three gigs lined up in the very near future though.

Name something around you that is red: The lid of my lunch box.

What color is your car? Red.

Who do you wish you could see more often? Right now I’m in one of my “withdrawn” moods. I’m happy being away from people.


What is your favorite smell? Fresh baked cookies.

What do you think is the worst smell in the world? Tobacco smoke of any description.

Your favorite perfume/cologne to wear? I generally don’t.

Do you like the smell of incense? Not really, no.

What’s your favorite candle scent? Anything fruity, but I can live without it.

What kind of soap/shower gel do you use? Whatever comes out of the box of stuff I’ve been given for the last 25 xmas’s/birthdays. If I buy one I usually go for Lynx if it’s on offer.

Do you have an air freshener in your car? No.

Can you handle the smell of a skunk? I have no idea.

Does second-hand smoke bother you? Yes. Incredibly.

Do you crinkle your nose when you smell something that isn’t pleasing? Don’t know.

What food makes you hungry just by smelling it? Nothing in particular.

What can you smell right now? The heater in the room next to me – that “burnt dust” smell.

Can you smell it in the air when its about to rain? Yes.


What would you say is the best sound in the world? Bell for the end of the day.

Do you listen to loud music when you drive? Why would I listen to quiet music?

Do you enjoy peace and quiet? Depends on my mood. I can.

Do you like the loud sounds of the city or quietness of the country? Given the choice, I’d go with the country, but city noises don’t bother me.

Are you one of those people who can hear a pin drop? Sometimes.

Do loud noises make you jump easily? Sometimes, again.

What sound drives you nuts? People chewing with their mouth open.

What kind of music do you enjoy the most? Rock / metal.

What can you hear right now? The fan on my netbook.

Does you set your alarm to the buzzer or the music? Beeper on my mobile.

Would you rather be in a crowded & rowdy bar or a low-key one? Depends who I’m with. Date/partner then somewhere quiet. Night out with a bunch of mates, rowdy.

What’s the greatest thing anyone has ever said to you? Not to get drawn into “you’re not over her” comments, but at that time my ex telling me she loved me.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but do words really hurt you? Depends on the words. I’m more likely to be hurt by “I don’t think this is working – perhaps we should call it a day” than an insult.

When you hear another person crying, does it make you sad, too? Depends on my initial mood, who the person is and so forth – but yes, it can.


Sweet or Sour?: I like my sweets to be sour. If that makes sense.

Do you like spicy foods? Oh, yes.

What’s your favorite flavor of gum? Mint.

What do you normally eat for breakfast? Cereal of some description if I bother at all.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.

The worst food ever? Seafood / fish.

Your favorite meal? Too many to pick from, Sunday roast or beans on toast or KFC or a top notch curry or…

Your favorite fruit? Passion fruit.

What’s your favorite kind of soda? Varies. Irn Bru with chip shop chips, Coke rest of the time.

Chocolate: Milk or Plain? Both.

Do you put pickles on your sandwiches? Branston pickle, often yes.

Ketchup or Mustard? Ketchup. But I prefer HP Sauce.

Ever been to a wine-tasting event? Just the wine festival at uni.

Pick your favorite flavor of Doritos: I usually get the supermarket own-brand lightly salted. Far cheaper.


Are you ticklish? No.

Where? Nowhere. Hence “no”.

What is the worst pain you’ve ever felt? Emotional.

Are you afraid of needles? No.

Who was the last person who gave you a hug? Laurie when I met her at the train station earlier.

Who is the last person you held hands with? Christina.

What was your last injury? Probably something pathetic like a paper cut. Been a long time since I needed so much as a sticking plaster.

Have you ever dropped something heavy on your toe? Not recently.

When you fall off something, do you keep trying or give up? Keep trying.

Does pain scare you? No, it hurts me.

What feeling makes you most comfortable? Uncertainty.

Do you like the feeling of walking barefoot on the beach? Yes.

Do you normally wear shoes in the summer? Yes.

Do you like water/swimming? Preferably with a tank of air on my back, yes.


Do you get paranoid in the dark? No.

Is there a superstition that you really believe? No.

Are you religious? Not in the slightest.

Who/what do you need next to you to fall asleep at night? Nothing. Reading before I nod off is a routine, but I don’t need to.

Do you have a short fuse? Varies, but generally no.

When you’re angry, do you hold it all inside? Depends on situation, what I’m angry about, who I can vent to, etc.

How do you deal with confrontation? Diplomatically.

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Yes – the other guy’s an idiot.

Do you tend to trust people easily? Yes.

Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Varies from week to week, depending on my mood.

Do you worry too much? Not any more.

Do you daydream a lot? Not so much.

What was your last dream about? Can’t recall the last time I dreamed.

Are your dreams usually good or bad? Can’t recall.


Who can make you smile no matter what? Mum’s dogs.

Who was the last person to hurt your feelings? Probably Kat.

What do you feel is your strongest emotion? Love. I can love someone far more than I can hate another. Although ex-next-door-neighbour came close to proving me wrong on that. Chav git.

What was the last thing that happened that upset you? Being dumped.

What is the worst feeling in the world? Hopelessness. Not being able to see a way out of a crappy situation.

Are you happy with where your life is at right now? I could be happier, but it could be a whole hell of a lot worse.

What do you do when people lie to you? Depends if I know they’re lying. If I do then I call them on it.

What emotion describes you best: Not an easy one to answer.

Are you in love? No.

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