Water, water, everywhere

Green Eggs And Diarrhea
Mine smells like eggs

…and all of it flowing from my poop-chute.

It’s been over a week since anything remotely solid passed from between my bum-cheeks. Leah came down with something when we were on Gili Trawangan and I think passed it on to me so that by the time we got to Gili Meno I really wasn’t feeling well. And I’m a really bad ill person. Leah will vouch for this.

Similarly to her, after some time with the runs a good old vomit suddenly made me feel better. I expected to perk up within a day or so and indeed since then and until now I feel pretty good in myself.

However, I still don’t think I’ve passed anything that wouldn’t pass through a reasonably-graded collander since. In face in the last day or so I’d go so far as to say sieve.

With an eye operation coming up on Saturday I could really do with ensuring my stomach, at least, is in working order. Here’s hoping the Immodium I have in my medicine bag is in date. At least they have Boots in Bangkok so I can get new ones if necessary.

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Underage sex

Bloody Nose
Mmm. Dribbly.

That got your attention.

While at Graspop and under the influence of too much beer, and having heard of the death of Michael Jackson (am I the last blog in the world to mention that?) I had a thought.

You know the “If they’re old enough to bleed, they’re old enough to breed” phrase? Does that include punching them in the face?

And with that, I shall go into hiding for a couple of weeks due to lack of internet access and time. Back when I am.

[Aside: when I did my original post, Zemanta decided I was interested in linking to “Michael Jackson (writer)”. I narrowed the search to “underage sex” and it changed to links to Wacko Jacko. Strange, that]

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