I am not a spammer

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Fucking hell. It looks like some cunt is using my email address as the “from” address while shipping out spam. In under 5 minutes I’ve just had 102 “spam” messages drop into my Gmail, virtually every single one an “Undeliverable” or “Message blocked by our spam filters”.

So if you do happen to get an email from “me” trying to sell you penis-enhancing drugs or shitty watches, please don’t mail me back and call me an arsehole. It ain’t me.

I wish someone would come up with a method of “signing” emails which everyone could/would use. I suppose I should really pop something on the old “Moshville” web page, but I don’t know if I can be arsed…

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In Asia. With eyes.

I’ll play catch-up when I can, but in the meantime apologies for the dearth in posts recently. I’ve been very busy, hopping from place to place and many haven’t had internet access or I’ve just not had the time to post stuff.

I am currently in Bangkok (again), on a free terminal in a clinic. Don’t panic, not that kind of clinic and somewhere I’d made an appointment not ended up after a dubious night with a ladyboy.

Long and short – I have working eyes. Well, incredibly light-sensitive, sometimes blurry, have to keep putting drops in for a few days eyes right now. But gimme a couple of weeks and early indications are that I will have eyesight better than 20/20 without visual aids for the first time since I was my early teens.

More details shortly, but right now we’re in a  nice hotel with expensive internet. Now that I can see again (had an eye mask on the last day or so), I’ll get typing with other posts, mainly for the Travel Blog, including details on the procedure I had. I’ll likely cross-post those over here. Once we shift to another hostel on Monday, I should have access to free wi-fi and I can upload all the typing.

I’m looking out the window over Lumpini Park and I can see buildings in the distance. Not blurs that I kind of know are buildings, but actual lumps of concrete. I can almost count the windows!

yes, I am happy. Even if my eyes and nose are running…

Shooting and cynicism

I know that this was a horrible event and that it will take a few days for the whole story to come out, so I’m not going to make light. However, the cynic in me is going to ask two questions:

1) Who are they going to try and blame for this one? A random heavy metal band or a computer game?

2) How quickly before the parents involved try to sue someone?

As I’ve said on other pages, and other blogs, I’ve liked pretty much every American I’ve met. But their society is a festering heap of shit. They refuse to recognise that their gun culture is to blame for so many incidents like this, and their kneejerk reaction to the loss of a loved one is to wonder how much money they can make from it, and how to shift the responsibility to a major corporation than admit they were fucking awful parents or that – simply – “shit happens, some people are born mentalists”.

Bush can sit there and issue press statements about being “shocked and saddened” but he’s the twunt who kept semi-automatic weapons on the streets by refusing to carry forward an edict left behind by the Clinton administration so he’s partly to blame.

I could rant on more, but I’d likely be repeating myself from other blog posts. Want me to shut up? Then make sure this shit doesn’t happen again. 33 innocents dead is surely enough of a price to pay for someone to start thinking about changing things?