No it isn’t

Before you wish me a “merry xmas”, read the title. It’s a shitty one.

I am in India. In a crap hotel. With music blaring from the hotel next door which is stopping me sleeping. I bored.

Because I’m bored, my mind is going in circles. All I can think of is how much I miss my ex-girlfriend and how much I wish we could get back together. And how much fun she’s probably having with her family and not giving a **** about me.

The only thing I’m grateful for is Hans, my travelling companion who’s done more than he knows in keeping my mind occupied at times.

I’m not homesick, but I wish I was at home simply so that I could go to someone’s house and be with people just so I wasn’t spiralling into the depths of depression once more.

I think it’s just because after Lou being abroad last year and me at home, I was so looking forward to xmas this year – our first together. For the first time in more years than I can remember I was actually looking forward to December. And then it was all taken from me when Lou dumped me, for reasons I still don’t understand.

So there you go. Merry ******* christmas, my arse. Worst one ever, frankly.

Death by ignorance

Read more at Two more dead prostitutes and still the UK won’t change the law.

I’ll point out the obvious – I’ve never used one and I sorely doubt I ever will. However, even the UK law states that a woman can recieve money in exchange for sexual favours, so prostitution is legal. However… a woman can’t advertise – that’s “solicitation”. She can’t work out of the same premises as another prostitute. As well as being safer, it’s “running a brothel”. She can’t pick someone up in a car on a well-lit street – “kerb crawling”. Her partner can’t help her and spend her income – or he’s guilty of “living off immoral earnings”.

Essentially, while prostitution itself is actually legal, everything around it is not, leading to the shady world that most prostitutes end up working in and therefore vastly increasing the danger they put themselves into. If they’re going to do it, they’re going to do it. So why not follow on from the Europe we’re all supposed to be part of and legalise and regulate it?

Increased revenue from income tax would help cover mandatory health checks. Premises would be placed in non-residential areas to avoid problems with families not wanting their kids to see “ladies of the night” selling their wares outside the garden gate. Policing would be easier and safety increased by allowing brothels to exist.

Or as a nation are we really that ashamed to admit that women would receive money for sex (or that men would pay for such a thing) that we’re prepared to let death, disease, drugs and violence result from our ignorance?

OK, so that was rhetorical but I think the answer’s an obvious “yes”. Shitty country. No wonder I prefer NZ.

Worst… xmas album… ever

But still a work of genius. Twisted Sister’s A Twisted Christmas just downloaded itself magically onto my laptop (illegal? really?) and it’s a steaming pile of metallic turd… but so absolutely, cheese-reekingly, diabolically bad that it’s just amazing.

Highlight so far is “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” done to the tune of “We Ain’t Gonna Take It”. I hate xmas songs. Hell, I hate xmas – I’m a miserable bastard – but this has put a right grin on my chops after all the ******* muzac versions in the malls around Singapore right now.

Twisted Sister do indeed rock like motherfuckers!!!!

Google Ads gone

For those who’ve not noticed, the Google Ads have been removed from the blog. I was up to around $60 (I needed to accrue $100 before they’d pay out) when they emailed me to say my account had been blocked and then revoked for “invalid clicks”. I was asked to explain these, I queried what I was supposed to be explaining and they said that wasn’t good enough and axed my account.

What a great way to do business. And a great way to waste the time I spent adding the code to all the blog pages. Not much else to add. Just a bit of a rant to get something off my chest. I think I’ll go and smash some pool balls around to relieve the tension.