There are several reasons I left the UK

Chav bastards for neighbours, a government that doesn’t give a shit about a country it doesn’t know how to run, traffic laws that pretty much restrict you to riding a tricycle in the part if you don’t want to be prosecuted, crap weather… and this story sums up the shocking state of British music.

Spot the inconsistency

“Bath girl rapist jailed for life”. “Life”… “minimum ten years”. Erm…. can anyone spot the slight difference between 10 years and 40+? Cut his cock off, fill his balls with glass powder and string him up by his fucking nostrils and leave the cunt swinging in the wind as an example.

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All I have to say is…

(Date set for England smoking ban)

About fucking time. Mind, I’m still more tempted to live in Hanoi or Seoul for a year than go back home. I do notice, however, that England is the last place in the UK to enact a ban which is – frankly – fucking pathetic. Pretty much like our government. Hell, it’s only taken the Welsh so long because of the way they were forced to be tied to English law.

Now where are those papers for the Kiwi “work toward residency” scheme?

A wonderful email

Today I received one of the nicest emails ever. I wasn’t sure what it was about at first, but something tickled at the memory bells and I had a dig through the archives to find this post.

It’s almost four years since this young man’s life was taken from his family. He never got to see his second daughter, and she’s grown up without a father. I only hope the filth that did this never get out.

However, even though she’ll never meet her dad – enough people know what a brave man he was. A great example, and someone she can be proud of.

This is the email I received, and the reply I tried to send but which was rejected by the mail server for some reason.

my name is naila hussain, you wrote an article about my late husband tasawar hussain it is only now nearly four years later i have read this i just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart your words describe how i feel to some extent, and put a smile on my face thank you someday i will let my young daughters know that good people do exist and your words will help. thank you



Thank you for your kind message. I had to check back through my archives, though your message did ring a few bells. I remember writing that article all those years ago and I still stick by every word.

I hope those men never get out. And I still stand by the fact that your husband is one of the bravest men I have ever heard of. You are right – good people do exist. The world is short of one after the events of that January. I could only hope to be as good a person – and I admit to hoping I never have such an opportunity to find out if I could rival Tasawar’s courage.

I won’t apologise for the language in the article I wrote. The waste of such a valuable life is always something that makes me angry, and I’m glad it didn’t shock you too much. I understand that you’d probably not want to show it to your daughters, but please just let them know that there is a person currently sat here in Singapore who never met their father – but who thinks he was an amazing person.

Best wishes to yourself and the rest of your family. I hope you are all well – I appreciate that anniversaries like the one coming up can be bad times. My ex-girlfriend lost her mother at an early age and still remembers her on the same day every year.

Take care, and again – thank you for getting in touch.