2019 Pic 156

I can’t post a photo because “kids who aren’t mine”, but today’s highlight after a full-on day in the classroom was my 1-hour Kids Krav class after school (and the only Krav class I’ll be attending until next week due to other commitments). It was great to see a couple of students back after exam leave and getting right back into it.

2019 Pic 155

Finally got to see this only a couple of weeks after release, but as it already seems to be being withdrawn from cinemas. I went with a work colleague and The Boy, and all three of us loved it. Enjoying a film is one thing, but looking over to see your son literally gripping the armrests of his seat, eyes wide and laughing at the dialogue makes it even better.

I initially thought the three-hour runtime would be a struggle for him, but he was absolutely enraptured. As, I confess, was I. Long but not drawn out, a great story with three distinct acts and a superb ending which wrapped up Phase I perfectly. I wonder what the next decade has to bring from Marvel Studios?