Big black cock and a big payload

Cock Cake
Cock Cake

I meant to post this ages ago. Several months before I left home, in fact. Only I just didn’t have the time / couldn’t be arsed (delete as appropriate). So here it is in all its glory – Sharon’s big black cock.

She made it for a friend’s Hen Night, and I’m proud to say it was my idea although the craftswomanship, baking skills and artistry are all down to Sharon herself. I do think it needs more shaved chocolate pubes, but what the hey. It also looks delicious and Sharon has definitely got skills where making confectionery are concerned. I won’t ever say this again (ever), but I certainly wouldn’t mind stuffing some of that cock in my mouth.

I never asked if it was filled with cream.

Amazing what you find when you go digging on your hard drive

I’ve found about a dozen blog posts I wrote before I left the UK (and my job). I’ll trickle these up over the next week or so, just so that it looks like I’m actually putting some fucking effort in.

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