Exodus – Glasgow G2

[Photos from the gig are in this Flickr set]

My first time in the little dingy basement of the Glasgow Garage, and my second seeing Exodus. One of the original Big Four, starting in the Bay Area at the same time as Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica they just never seemed to catch the wave those four did. Anthrax seemed to take their place, which is a shame. There should have been a Big Five. Or they should have superseded Metallica.

I only caught the last song by Man Must Die as I got to the venue (a Slayer cover), then stood near the front barrier reading HG WellsThe Invisible Man on my phone while I waited for the headliners. Yes, I’m old. I also don’t know anyone to go to gigs with!

The band were greeted to chants of “Gary Holt!”, the only founding member still in Exodus and they kicked off. For a small crowd, there was a lot of action and things got nice and violent early on. Unfortunately, the sound’s definitely not as good in G2 as it is upstairs in the Garage proper, but things were fun regardless.

I’d also say that the set needed more old **** for the fogies like me in the crowd. If I’m right, the only really old stuff they did was “Bonded By Blood” and “Fabulous Disaster“, and the usual encore track “Toxic Waltz” was skipped entirely from the set.

What made the gig was the band’s banter with the crowd. The night took a haggis-based turn (similarly to Bowling For Soup the other week) when Rob Dukes mentioned that the bandhad never tried it. He requested one be brought to the band’s next show, whenever that would be, for them to try.

Two tracks later and one of the venue staff, I believe, handed him a polystyrene container from one of the many takeaways on Sauchiehall Street. The haggis had arrived! As Dukes and the guys ate it, the crowd broke into a chant of “Haggis Supper!”. Tom Hunting added a drum beat, the guitars kicked in and Dukes provided vocals.

I document here Dukes’ promise that the track “Haggis Supper” would be the bonus on their next studio album. Myself and the crowd from the G2 expect him to keep this promise!

Despite the lack of material I was hugely familiar with, this was a night of good, friendly, violent fun. As it should be.

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