Star Wars. In LEGO. In 2 mins 13 secs.

Just the “proper” trilogy, not that rubbish “Episode I to III” nonsense. Very, very well done considering it’s just in LEGO. Great narration by a young boy as well. This is what Star Wars fan films are all about.

Oh, and yes, I’ve posted-dated this entry to Star Wars Day.


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (film)
Movie poster

I’ve not see the “new” Star Wars trilogy so I was a little out of depth with The Clone Wars, but all the same I enjoyed it. I’ve no idea who the vocal cast are but they did a decent job. The visuals are stunning with sequences to match anything you’ve seen in the “proper” films, or indeed the Lego games.

Plot in a nutshell: Jabba’s son has been kidnapped and the safe use of a sector of space by the Rebel Alliance (or whatever they were pre-proper Star Wars) relies on their finding him and returning him. Of course, the Empire (or whatever they were pre-proper Star Wars) are involved somehow, so everything is not as clear as it could be.

For a cartoon, the plot’s got quite a few twists and turns which was a pleasant surprise. For me, though, it was the visuals and the battles that made it. Just like the original trilogy.

A worthwhile addition to the storyline – though I still think anything outside the original, unedited trilogy should just be classed as chaff.

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