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Today’s News

OK, few comments on the news from this morning. Bit rant, bit comment. Some nice stuff, too.

First off – does anyone know what Eta stands for? I know it’s the 7th letter of the Greek alphabet, and they’re Basques and all. But why Eta? Just curious.

As for their actions this morning, though… OK, OK, they’ve not said it was them, but it was a terrorist attack in Madrid right before elections. Who else is it going to be? Last news report I read, there were 65 people dead. 65. That’s up to 65 families missing a member this morning, not to mention the wounded and I’m sure that toll will rise. And why?

You know, I still don’t know what Eta as a group stand for, and frankly I don’t give a shit. As far as I’m concerned I’d never listen to what’s said by a bunch of arseholes like that. Same for the IRA. Eta have been doing this since the 60’s. I think the IRA around the same length of time. I don’t think either has achieved anything by it aside from making people stand up more against them. Once you become hated and seen as a coward, people stop listening to you. I just wish these scum would learn that.

What government could now listen to their arguments? After all, that’s another 65 families who’d never vote for them if they backed down. Add that to the countless others over the past 40+ years and it makes the idea completely untenable.

Update: An hour later and the death toll is now reported at around 130.

Another update: just gone lunchtime and now 170+ dead and more then 600 injured.

Final update: almost the end of the day and we’re being told 190 dead and 1200 injured.

Nice stuff now.

George Michael. No, I’m not saying he’s nice in that way. I am, however, bloody impressed with his next career move. Essentially, the forthcoming album is his last commercial release.

And it gets better. He’s continuing to release music after that, sporadically, via a web site on a pay-per-download basis. In fact, to be more accurate, it’s a donate-per-download basis and from what I can gather it’s not even a mandatory donation.

Basically, George is bloody rich and has reached the stage that more people should hit: realising he doesn’t and never will need any more money. So he’s self-funding all future music, releasing it at his own pace and just asking for donations to his favoured charities in return.

A big… no a huge hand to him. I can only hope that others follow in his musical footsteps.

Bloody Militant Smokers

National No-Smoking Day is coming up (again) and once more the militant wankers who seem to think everyone has a right to poison their friends start jumping up and down. The current bandwagon is the proposed ban on smoking in public places, something already being done in Ireland.

One complete feckwit says that the effects of passive smoking have been grossly over-exaggerated. Come on, is a government report going to condemn the habit out of hand when it pulls in millions – possibly billions – in tax each year? No, I doubt it. And you can’t get by the fact that in the UK alone there are 120,000 premature deaths directly and uncontravertibly caused by smoking and related illnesses every year. Not all of the victims smoke.

I used to work for a paper shop when I was a kid. The guy who ran it died of cancer which started in his throat. He didn’t smoke, though to be honest I don’t know if he ever did. But his wife did, like a chimney. Related? I think so.

Here’s one of my typically over-the-top hypothetical questions:

What would happen if I was to whip out my nob and piss all over a small child? Say…. 10-20 times a day. Every day? I’d get arrested, vilified and rejected from society. It’s disgusting. It smells. It’s potentially harmful.

But it’s OK for someone, 10-20 times a day, to light up a stick full of burning leaves and blow the smoke over the same child. Day in. Day out. For years. That kid has more chance of getting asthma, cancer, their own nicotine addiction or one of a score of other diseases than they’d stand of getting in infection from a dousing of urine.

It’s natural to urinate, even if it’s not the most pleasant of things (unless you’re German and make “interesting” home videos). It’s not natural to set fire to things and breathe them in despite absolute concrete proof that there’s a high chance they’ll kill you and harm those around you.

Plus, you smell bloody awful and look like a prick.

Coursework *sob*

OK, I’ve finished another question. The total now stands at 2 out of 4 questions complete for Developing Internet Apps, 3 out of 5 complete for Artificial Intelligence and a grand total of bugger all done for my Relational Databases project. For which I have a tutorial at 11:00 on Saturday morning.

I can’t do any more tomorrow evening as I’m off to see the Offspring in Manchester. On Thursday night, BBC3 are kindly showing our away match against Real Mallorca. Eek. I think I may be busyin the office tomorrow. Though not doing office work.