Want to be a spook?

Yes, MI6 are recruiting and you can have a shot at one of their recruitment quizzes. All very fun… and probably fewer hours for more pay than I’m on at the moment!

When you get bored of that, try smacking a bike rider with a baseball bat for some light relief.

And *phew* it’s not quite been a month since I posted. I’ve been spending a lot of time transferring the Tour Blog over onto WordPress. This one is next!

Quiz me do!

I found a new website the other day and it’s just my kind of thing. A gazillion quizzes made by various people and in different formats. There’s a daily email quiz with random questions which I’ve been doing rather well on.

The registration is pretty straightforward, it’s free and you can compete against me (well, compare your scores) if you follow this link to the site. It’s called FunTrivia, which about sums it up.

Right, I’m off for another round of film questions.