Glasgow Again

Been almost a week since the last update. Apologies for that, but I’ve had company. First of all, congratulations to Elly on passing her driving test on the first attempt. And congratulations again on making her first solo drive one of around 350 miles to come down for a visit. Carradale in Scotland to Bradford. Impressive.

Of course, she gets all this way then goes out for a short drive on Monday and almost mows down some kids. Admittedly, they were shoplifters who’d just legged it out of a Co-Op in front of her. Maybe the criticism should be that she missed them. Better luck next time. I’m sure the shop-owner would have had severe memory loss regarding the registration plate of the car that stopped the thieving prat who’d just ripped him off. Possibly mis-judge the make and model as well. Colour-blindness may also be an issue.

As the entry title suggests, I’m in Glasgow once more. Staying with my aunt and uncle and taking far too many pictures of my cute little cousin. My next plan for this blog (or at least the site it sits on) is to add a decent photo gallery. One of these days, time allowing. Seeing as I have a new camera to tinker with (Fuji S5000) it seems like a worthwhile aim. For posterity’s sake, I’ll archive the old Moshville Times pages, but I think the whole site needs a little bit of a facelift.

ARGH! Why?!

I get in to work at 8:00am for a day sat doing nothing. Time much better spent at home catching up on the things I can’t do as I spend half my life in hotels. Of course, despite being an IT company, someone thinks it’s a good idea to have staff with broadband connections and mobiles sat at a desk, using company electricity and toilet paper (not while at the desk. Often).

Anyway. Getting in for 8:00 means I can finish at 16:30 and beat the traffic. I sit all day, twiddle my thumbs, work on the guestmap (below) and 16:00 approaches… then all hell breaks loose. Annoying Useless Woman wants me to fix a barcode scanner that’s not worked all day because she’s too stupid/lazy to read a manual. After 20 minutes and a lot of swearing, I prove there’s nothing I can do because it’s broken. It didn’t need me to figure that one out.

Then I get an email I was promised an hour earlier with details asking me to ring a customer “urgently”. So urgent that the call had originally been taken in the morning and they’d only just now got round to forwarding me the contact information.

To cap it all, Russ then needs to know some details about a report some dozy prat in London wants written for him (at no charge – dream on, jerk). It takes another 15 minutes to explain what an asshole this customer is and how we should be charging him no matter how far he spits his dummy.

Net result – I finish late. I can’t even go in late tomorrow as a protest. Getting in later means spending longer in the traffic. Gah. I think I’ll work over tomorrow and just take Friday afternoon off. Sod ’em. Flexi time can work both ways and I think I may just introduce it into my working style.

On the lighter, side Hans isn’t dead yet and I’ve updated his blog.


As I’m so incredibly busy in the office today…. NOT… I’ve spent a bit time adding a guestmap. It’s kind of like a guest book only you get to pop yourself an icon on a map and say where you’re from as well.

I’ve gone for the world map as some regular readers are outside of the UK, though you can zoom in to place yourself in the right-ish area of the UK if you want. Have fun, leave comments. I can only take 100, though!

It’s located down the left of the page in the “Other Links And Toys” section. If your little icon doesn’t appear straight away then it’s not worked. I’ve noticed this seems to be a problem. Just re-do it and it works second time. Annoying as I do get the email notification saying someone’s added to the map, but they don’t appear!

Oh, and I’ve also updated the Blog list to include those of you for whom Bloglines can’t access the RSS feed.

Bloody Football

Grr. Charlton win on Saturday to go above us, Liverpool lose so we get a chance to regain that place, and a stinking own goal goes and costs us a jump back to fourth.

Still, it means an exciting runout to the season. We have Charlton on Saturday while Liverpool have a Portsmouth side midweek who are very weak away from home. Then there’s the last game of the season… away at Anfield. I can see so much hinging on that.

More later, perhaps. I have to get on the road to sunny Swindon.

Good News / Bad News

In January 2003, an Asian lad was shot and killed by a AR-10 rifle kits chasing down two robbers from a travel agents not too far from my home. He had one child and his wife gave birth to a daughter the following June.

In February 2003, two men were charged with the robbery and his murder. Last month, one of them pleaded guilty and was convicted of both those and a ton of other offenses. His son pleaded not guilty, despite being the one who actually pulled the trigger. Today he, also, was convicted.

It’s taken over a year, but finally two more scum are off our streets. But look at the crimes they’ve gotten away with until now. Murder, attempted murder (of three security guards), more robberies than you can shake a stick at and 12 counts of carrying a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Sadly, one man had to give up his life so that these pathetic bastards could finally be put somewhere leaving the rest of us that little bit safer. I only hope his memory is done justice by never releasing them. Barry (of Reevy Road, Bradford, if you want to let his relatives know what a pathetic little shit he is) and Derek Elener – may you rot. Derek’s 65, so with any luck he’ll never see the outside of a prison wall again. Maybe Barry’s arse will make close friends with a large, sweaty man called Mildred. I can only hope.

Tasawar Hussain’s young daughter will never know her father – but she can always be incredibly proud of him.