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Apple = shit

Not the fruit, the hardware manufacturer. So many time I hear the cries about how wonderful Apple are, but let’s face it – their stuff is design over function. All their stuff is the height of cool. It looks fantastic. The user interface on the iPod is genuinely a dream to use. But they’re fragile and unreliable. The first thing any sensible person buys for an iPod is a protective sleeve and a screen-scratch protector. Surely for an item designed to be portable, this kind of protection should be built-in, not an optional extra?

And now Apple have joined Sony’s policy of preventing people making full use of a product they’ve paid for as the recent iPhone updates can shaft an unlocked product. Sont have been doing this with the PSP for a couple of years now, but at least it only stops you using the homebrew and cracked software you’ve downloaded. The Apple update actually renders unlocked phones permanently useless and has also been causing problems with unaltered handsets. Well done, Apple.

I hear so many pro-Apple arguments. Their stuff looks nice. Well, whoopee. I want something that works, is upgradeable and for which I can get all the software I want. My PC is to be used, not to be looked at. PC’s are targets for viruses, whereas Apples aren’t. Horseshit. There are antivirus scanners for Apples as well – if they don’t get virii, then why do they have scanners? PCs are a more common target as there are more PCs. If the world ditched MS and moved to MacOS or whatever it’s called this year, in three years time they would be the major target.

As I said, I admire the design of Apples. If I wanted something to put on a desk and look shiny to show off how much money I have, I’d get a Mac. But for useability, upgradeability and sheer “tinker” factor, the PC rules hands down.

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