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Skis or heels tonight, darling?

For once this isn’t a rant at skiers, but just a niggle that’s been getting to me the last couple of days. You may have heard about the muppet who slid down a mountain in Turin on a mattress and died when he rammed into a barrier. Silly, but them’s the breaks. My sympathies to his family.

However, every news report I’ve read refers to it as a "skiing accident". Where were the skis? I refer you to the most guilty of parties: Sky News

On another tack footwear-wise (sort of), the BBC report on a story from an Italian urologist. She reckons that high heels can improve your sex life, although probably at the expense of your toes. Apparently the posture you put yourself in when wearing them helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Essentially this means "pussy of steel" which is never a bad thing from a man’s point of view.

Oh, and heels do make a women’s legs look even better. I’ll be the first to confess I like a good pair of pins on a lady. Preferably with the knees located somewhere ear-wards, but that’s for later on in the evening.

Handy hint – don’t wear stilettos on a water bed. I’m all for making a woman wet, but that’s pushing the matter a little too far. Telling your partner you’re “having a gusher” should not extend to drowning the cat as it sleeps on the sofa downstairs.

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