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Dog person? Cat person?

Feed us both!

Most people are one or the other or both. Well, I’m going to beg to you a little on behalf of them all! Back at Christmas 2007 I set up a standing order to the Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter as a present for my then-squeeze, Louise. I was travelling, […]

R.I.P. Ed :(

R.I.P. little fella

Before I left the UK to go travelling in 2006 I had two lovely cats. Both were adopted from other places – KK from random chav neighbours who moved house and abandoned her, Ed from a friend who had to move house and couldn’t take him with her.

Anni, being sweet […]

A bit of Sunday waffle

The canines in question

I’m dog-sitting for the folks this weekend, so had a quiet night in yesterday evening. Until Poppy started barking incessantly for no apparent reason around midnight. They’re smart enough – I swear they can tell the time.

Before she left my mum told me, “Feed them around four o’clock.” […]

Birdy news

Cute Kakapo

Great news, this. As of March 11th, there are over 100 Kakapo parrots in the wild. This is hugely important and utterly wonderful. Fourteen years ago there were around 50 of the daft little creatures – down from the hundred or so that were on Stewart Island when we first discovered […]

Let’s get some happy on here”

OK, a couple of posts to (hopefully) raise a smile – just as the avalance warning AWOOGAHs outside nigh on the stroke of midnight.

First off, a massive dose of “aaaaaaw, cute!” with this link to a live video feed of some puppies in a basket. I defy you not to keep it open in […]