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How the zombie TV hit inspires German and European audiences

AMC’s The Walking Dead is unarguably the best zombie apocalypse series to date. The show’s plot, setting, and character development made it one of the most-watched television series nowadays. The hype reached global proportions—audiences across Asia and Europe are tuned in to the show’s developments from its first season. It has a huge fanbase particularly […]

Best xmas advert

The legacy lives on… with LEGO

I don’t want much television these days, certainly not much “live” stuff preferring to download and watch later, but I have seen the following advert a couple of times. I recognised it as soon as I saw it from sometime many, many years ago. It’s for LEGO and […]

Why I use torrents instead of iPlayer

Great… but not perfect

I watch a fair bit of stuff off the BBC these days, yet I still find myself using torrents to download programmes rather than using the BBC iPlayer. I don’t have a TV so the internet is the only convenient way for me to catch up.

But why do I […]

Confession Part 2


That may be the name of a song, actually. In this case it’s referring to my ongoing addiction to all things “new gen” Doctor Who. Having finished all four seasons and the specials, I moved onto Torchwood. Anyone else watch the whole series in two days (while also watching Transformers 2)?

The […]


Pic taken by Wongy. I'll never heard the end of this.

OK, it’s time to ‘fess up. I’m kind of embarassed about this and only one other person knows. They caught me at it, so it was quite hard to deny. Mind, she does it as well so at least I have someone […]