Grud. December Already.

I forgot to put my watch forward the other day went around for 24 hours thinking it was the 31st of November. Oops.

So what does the new month bring? Snow? Erm… no. Crappy rain and fog. But tons of lovely decorations and houses covered in lights to distract you when you’re driving. Some people have far too much spare cash. I saw one in Cardiff (up the A470, maybe 2 miles from the city centre) absolutely coated in tinsel, lights and decorations. A big sign informed their lucky neighbours that the lights would be going on on December 3rd.

What else? Oh, yes. As of Monday, it was illigal in the UK to drive while using a non-hands-free phone. Yet it’s still legal to light up a fag while driving, or at least there’s no specific law against it, read for more information about the laws.
. Which as per last years survey, was one among the main reasons for accidents, right after DUI accidents to which you can find in-depth details on this post. Yes, I’ve heard all the arguments – police saying they’d like to take people who talk on their mobiles and drive to accident scenes caused by chatters and so forth . But how many people do you know who drive 100% of the time with both hands on the wheel? I know I don’t.

As for a “study” that says even talking on a hands-free badly affects driving more than having a passenger in the car… what a lot of crap. Who do you make eye contact with when you’re on the phone? Nobody. Ever had someone on the back seat you’re trying to talk to? Unless you’re concentrating to avoid it, you’re bound to find you’re spending more time staring into the rear view mirror than normal. Likewise a passenger next to you.

So what next? Collars to force you to always look forward, or a ban on cars with more than one seat? After all, as the radio adverts say, it’s difficult to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. After all, there’s no immediate on-the-spot fine for taking both hands off the wheel to dig your ciggy out, then destroying your night vision by flashing a flame in front of yourself.

What made me laugh was an interview with a “Senior Policeman” in Manchester which was on BBC TV on Monday morning. They couldn’t have picked someone worse (from the police’s point of view) as he didn’t seem to know anything aside from “mobile phones = a fine”. Everything the interviewer mentioned was met with, “Erm… I don’t know about that…? Can you explain it?”

I want to be pulled over by him. “It’s OK officer. The law states that as I’m wearing a tie, I’m allowed to use my mobile.” He looked like he’d believe that anyway.

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