Is it coincidence…

…that the most common 3-letter word that appears on British car numberplates is “CUM”? I’ve seen a few “HUG”s and one or two other words once or twice, but “CUM” on numberplaces seems to be alarmingly common.

12 thoughts on “Is it coincidence…”

  1. It’s because you notice the ones that form words more. I see so many registration numbers everyday and i haven’t seen ‘CUM’ yet, which leads me to believe its you dirty mind too :p

  2. You know i can’t drive and there are very good reasons for it. Mainly because I haven’t passed my test but appart from that the fact I don’t even make a good predestrian (the bus incident) so nobody is stupid enough to let me behind a wheel (well not since the skip incident either) let alone one with a stupid word on it :p

  3. Yup, I knew you couldn’t drive. I await your first car and hope against hope it has “CUM” on the plate! Of course, you’ll now go out deliberately to make sure it doesn’t.


  4. Well since my accident i still find it strange getting in cars, buses are even worse though…i’m sticking to trains from now on and i dont think they have number plates that are obvious :p

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