Things what Kitkat will eat

This is another of those lists that will grow with time. Last updated on the date shown at the bottom. All of the following are things my cat will eat. Voluntarily. Repeatedly. Then hound me for more, the greedy sod.

  • Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Snack-a-Jacks
  • Ready Salted and Beef Hula-Hoops
  • Smarties (well, she sucks the sugar coating off and leaves the chocolate)
  • Toffee Poppets (again, licks the choc off if you hold it for her)
  • Malt loaf (preferably laden with butter)
  • Toast (dry or buttered)
  • Butter
  • Muddles (Kellogg’s cereal)
  • Jamaica ginger cake
  • KFC chips
  • KFC salt packets
  • Refreshers ice lolly
  • Solero berry-flavour ice lolly
  • Home-made oven-chips, especially the crunchy ends from the overdone ones
  • Salt & vinegar Hula Hoops
  • Del Monte orange ice lolly

On the other hand, she hates root beer and will run a mile if a can is put anywhere near her.

17 thoughts on “Things what Kitkat will eat”

  1. Our sadly departed cat, Carter (“the stoppable sex machine” once he’d had the snip) had a bit of a thing for sweetcorn, but most especially corn on the cob. Then again, if it came off a human plate, he’d eat it!
    Cosmo, who is still going strong, used to enjoy noodles from the local takeaway. That was before she lost most of her teeth. Now she prefers things she can suck. The Other Half says its a shame I don’t always feel the same way…(!)

  2. Ha ha, your cat has very sensible tastes!

    Mine will eat popcorn (unsweetened), prawn crackers, digestive biscuits, salt and vinegar crisps and the piece de resistant – Chicken Korma…!

    He also loves parmesan cheese, but that’s probably to be expected…

    No wonder he’s so fat!

  3. Don’t let your wife hear you say he’s fat… I hear KP Skips are a giggle. Smell like fish and fizz on kitty’s tongue. Shame I don’t like them or I’d try them.

    Wait a minute… I have Quavers and she likes cheese… hehehe.

  4. OK that’s weird. I’ve nto tried her on mint yet. I’ll add that to the list then work on the wrapping later. Her favourite chew toy is an old straw though.

  5. I’m with Kitkat on Root Beer – it’s absolutely vile stuff & why anyone would want to drink liquid germolene is way beyond me

  6. Erm. Am really confoosed. You added the del monte orange lolly last time – so what did you add this time? Or do you just have it to automatically pop-up (ooh-er missus) every so often?

  7. Anni – sorry, I can never remember whether I added the new stuff to the top or the bottom last time.

    Adam – erm… oops.


  8. Hmmm… I have some whisky fudge that Sharon bought me… It’s lovely, but I wonder how pissed I could get the cat on a chunk?

  9. LOL, try it, she’s mad enough anyway, but you could always see how crazy she gets when pissed!
    Good luck today 🙂

  10. ours get biscuits & cat food & that’s their lot (except for all the slaughtered wildlife they procure themselves) – but Meena does like snuggling under the duvet with us which is v.cute if not a little tickly at times

  11. Whorecat will eat mackerel salad provencale right out of the tin…..but she’ll leave every piece of tomato after she’s made certain its devoid of all fishie-type stuff, then bat the pieces around the room.

    Picky cow. I’m almost certain she does it because I named her Faboo.

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