Another response – and a (kind of) result

Doc manages an appointment… of sorts

I got a letter from the doc’s today. First off, here’s the details:

We are in receipt of your complaint you have made regarding our appointment system. The doctors feel it would be beneficial if we could arrange a meeting to discuss your comments. A meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday 5th April at 5pm. Can you please confirm (etc…)

Well, I suppose it’s a start but I have three concerns:

  • How can they make an appointment for a meeting – with all the doctors – yet they can’t make one single appointment with one single doctor to see me for a medical reason?
  • My complaint was partially about not being able to get an appointment during working hours – yet the make the meeting for 5pm when most people are finishing work for the day. And therefore difficult to get somewhere for. Although very convenient for people who work at the place where the meeting is who finish at 5:00. Mind, I’ve got one over on them – I finish at 4:30
  • I am worried that they’re going to gang up on me and beat me up when I get there for daring to criticise them

Report from the meeting as and when. Assuming I remember to go.

Annoying screechy woman KFC advert pulled

Thanks to both Chris and Andy for pointing me towards this story on Sky and MediaGuardian (no link as they make you subscribe so they can piss off).

Well, one of the those ******* adverts down, a handful more plus the sponsorship stabs around certain advert breaks to go. Oh for the good old days when they just had some fat bloke in a white suit telling you how goos his unhealthy chicken was. Probably while his slaves picked cotton out back and made him lemonade with spit in.

7 thoughts on “Another response – and a (kind of) result”

  1. You have to go to this meeting! I’m seriously thinking of starting a “Bloggers for Service” group! Seriously, if you look at blogs how many of them are complaining about lack of service – whether in their local shop, pub or the NHS. Definately an idea for a topic – something I’m lacking at the moment!

  2. I have often thought of setting up a web site where people can report bad or good service from various types of providers, from healthcare to takeaways..

    The information could then be used to tackle the bad service providers.

    The voice of many etc…

    Could be interesting…..

    Maybe we could get something together


  3. was just about to say what Shooting has opined – betcha anything it won’t be all the docs

  4. SFG – good idea. I’d be happy to help fill that page!

    Think I better remember to call them tomorrow to “confirm”!

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