Happy St George’s Day!

St George Cross
St George Cross

I appreciate that virtually no bugger will know about this as it’s just not “pushed” as much as Paddy’s Day. I’m all for making it a public holiday in England – not necessarily an additional one, but move an existing one. And, yes, the Irish should have Paddy’s Day off, the Scots should be able to get wasted on St Andrew‘s Day, and the Welsh ought to be free to bugger sheep and snort daffodils on St David‘s Day.

These days we’re losing our national identities. Europe’s swallowing us all up to some extent, but even within the UK it’s all going to ****. The Scots and Irish aren’t too badly affected, but England and Wales are being merged into one (partly as they’re always classed together). I also resent the fact that the Scots have their own parliament over which we have no say, yet they have a voice in a parliament that affects England and Wales.

If things are going to go that way, you can wave goodbye to Great Britain. We either need one single parliament again, or four separate ones for individuality plus one British parliament for decisions over the nation as a whole.

But what the hell do I know? What scares me is that the only party in the upcoming election fighting for a St George’s Day holiday (that I’m aware of) is the BNP. Don’t worry – I’m not that desparate to save my national identity that I’ll vote for those racist thugs.

Go celebrate your nation’s patron saint (if appropriate) by kicking crap out of a Combat 18, NF or BNP member today. They’re all the bloody same. Then go and read more about St George at Wikipedia, from where I pinched the attached image.

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8 thoughts on “Happy St George’s Day!”

  1. I’m all for making it a public holiday. Bollox to the PC party who don’t want to offend Afro Caribbean Lesbian single fathers.

    I think it is a real shame the BNP, NF, Combat18 etc have taken the George Cross as an emblem and it is now at the point where people wonÂ’t fly it because the donÂ’t want to be branded as racist.


  2. The BNP, in fairness, have taken the Union Flag as part of their “identity” rather than the SGC. But I do agree with you for the same reason. I’d like to see them hunted down and slaughtered. The world would be a better place for it.

    As ever, I’m in the election quandary of not wanting to vote for anyone, but desparately wanting to vote *against* the BNP.

  3. One problem is that England all too often adopts the identity of Britain, for instance with the singing of the national anthem at football games. God Save the Queen isn’t your anthem, it’s ours as well (and in all fairness there are a large number of England fans who say the same thing).

    But the national day thing is actually a bit of a misnomer. Paddy’s day in Ireland was a day of rest and a bit of a family get-together before Guinness got their hands on it and promoted it into a worldwide party. As a kid growing up in England we used to get our extended family and Scots friends together every January 25th to celebate Burns Night, so living up here on that date for the first time this year I was really looking forward to the party, but it passed by almost unnoticed. Then come March 17th every pub in Edinburgh was decked out in green. It’s a marketing thing.

  4. Alan, I utterly agree. The thing that needs to be done is for *people* to make it known what they want done and the marketting bods to follow on. Then everyone would be happy.

    Burns night seems to have an image of small groups of people in candle-lit rooms getting pissed and reading crap poetry. I’m not being natsy – that’s just the images I have from what I’ve heard of Burns Night “celebrations”!

    As for the footie singing, again I’m in 100% agreement. Actually, two points. Scotland get to sing their own anthem. Wales get their own. Ireland their own. England sing the British one. WTF?

    In addition, why do we have “God Save The Queen” anyway? Short of the Sex Pistols version, it’s a ******* funeral dirge anyway.

    So 1) Why can’t England sing England’s national anthem (Land Of Hope And Glory?)

    and 2) Can’t we adopt Rule Britannia as the British one? At least it’s *rousing*

  5. I agree with all of this. Decent people need to take back the English (and for that matter the British) flag from the thugs who tarnish it. To my shame I didn’t get a chance (OK I was too hungover) to make it into to town to buy an English flag from one of the wideboys on the local market. I had been going to wear it as a point of principle, to show that it is a flag that should be worn with pride by decent members of society. We are possibly the only nation in the free world that doesn’t wear its flag with pride.

    Re the national anthem. I agree entirely that Land of Hope and Glory is an appropriate tune. However, there does seem to be some question as to whether England actually has a national anthem beyond the British one. That makes a perverse logic if you accpet that technically the Queen is actually the Queen of England and just rules Scotland and Wales by default (although again that is open to interpretation). Of course,if you see the last night of the Proms, Land of Hope and Glory is sung by people waving Union flags… Ho hum.

  6. Hmm… OK, then I nominate Machine Head’s “Ten Ton Hammer” as the new national anthem of England. Basically just cos it’s a ******* good tune and it’s not the same as Liechtenstein’s just with different words like what God Save The Queen is.

    All this flag malarky is confusing really. We have people trying to establish a national identity while the politicians are making it difficult by ripping the country into bits. Very helpful.

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