Counting down now

Not long to go before Graspop now. Got the tickets, flights, insurance, car parking, coach bookings and hotel (one night only) sorted. Tent borrowed (thanks, Caz!), rucksack dusted off, camera charged up, currency converted.

OOOOOOOHHHH, roll on Thursday.

Kitty fiddling

Sharon popped round earlier. Her shower is shafted at the moment (retiling going on courtesy of one of her neighbours) so I let her borrow mine. She’d just been shopping in Meadowhall and decided to try on one of her new frocks. I was tapping away on here when I heard screams from my bedroom. Unusual when I’m not in there as well.

“Get off!”

Still unusual when I’m not in there.


Sharon’s new top has “laces” that you need to tie up round the back. Thing is, doing this means jiggling bits of string. Near my cat.


By the time I ran in, KK had one set of claws in the string and another holding her weight as she dangled off Sharon’s arse. Now that must have hurt.


I was seeing Sharon out to her car, watching KK go mental chasing moths in the street, when I spotted a tennis ball on my lawn. Cool. Late at night, nobody around. That means it’s mine.

With perfect accuracy, I lofted it, pivoted and welted it with the curve of my foot. I have no idea where it went. Predominantly as I was too busy watching my right slipper tumble and arc away over my car and into deep grass and utter blackness.


Cue me hopping around like a **** trying to locate my slipper while Sharon took the piss. Cheers for that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have got to get this coursework done.

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Fuzzy-pink slippers, no doubt.

Mine usually leave my foot as i’m walking up the stairs.



ahhhhhhh, slippers

are they to complete the brocade quilted dressing gown & meerschaum pipe combo?

badly dubbed boy

Kitty fiddlers? Isn’t that an arrestable offence?


My slippers are black with blue trim and have NUFC logos on the toe end. So there. And my old ones did use to come off my feet on the way up the stairs, which is why I bought new ones the other week.

Andy – only in Wales, because it gets the sheep jealous.


Slippers, Ohh, it was funny… what a muppet.

As for the cat hanging, she managed to get her claws in my jeans, so it wasn’t too bad! I just know how evil her teeth and claws can be.


I am with Sharon – what a muppet! And ‘new’ slippers too, that’s even better! Mind you, wearing those NUFC slippers is just sad anyway (X went through pair after pair of them, and they ain’t cheap).

Did you find it in the end?