It’s (not) good to be back

OK, you all missed me. That’s understandable. I’d miss me as well. Full details of the weekends escapades will be on this blog tomorrow (world exclusive and all that). Partly as I’m knackered and partly as it’ll give me something to do in the office for half an hour or so.

One thing I will say is how damn impressed I am with the Dutch and Belgians, in particular their transport system and employees. Oh, and their amazingly courteous drivers. I spent the usual few days over there not knowing which way to look when crossing the road to have drivers wave me over and give me right of way everywhere.

In contrast, I’d been back in the country less than 24 hours when some **** drove straight through a zebra crossing at Morrisons and almost ran me over. I am going to start wearing my steelies more often. I think I hurt my foot more then his tyre.

I shall head for bed now. Apologies for a short post, but I got to bed at around 3:30 this morning, and have been up since just after nine. Partially courtesy of KK, predominantly courtesy of the ******* disco next door.

Oh, it’s so good to be home.

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Do i sense more lovely annoying neighbour stories?


Only if your idea of “lovely” involve extreme violence such as stereos being anally inserted.


That is not extreme violence lol makes for great viewing.. when do the tickets for pay per view go on sale?? lol