So far today I have been…

  • told I’ve won 800,000 Euros on a lottery I didn’t enter
  • asked “your errection is non-functional?”
  • informed that “\/1agra shipped /worldwide”
  • passed information (several times) about “c1alis” or “cia1is” or “<ia11us” soft tabs (whatever they hell they are)
  • queried regarding “what is 0em software and why is it important to you?”
  • put forward for more exclusive stock tips than I could make use of in a lifetime
  • approved for 7 loans or mortages for which I didn’t apply
  • awarded a qualification from a university I’ve never heard of
  • begged to help a very trustworthy-sounding (if somewhat illiterate) Nigerian banker get some money out of the country to help a poor family who just lost their father
  • offered “just best price$ for qulity meds”
  • pointed in the direction of a “job with a successful company”
  • sent more “press release”s than I can count
  • on the end of several offers of “copies of swiss watches”

In addition I’ve had umpteen mails of complete gibberish (e.g. “Re: irreducible platband”) and a handful seemingly made up of random characters.

How the **** is anyone stupid enough to give these people money that makes them find it worthwhile bothering the rest of us with this ****?

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If you forcibly turn off HTML in your mail client, you’ve beaten those spams. Many nonsense messages include images with URLs linked with a code number that ties in with your e-mail address in their database. This basically validates your address with them when you simply view the message.

They then make loads of money selling your address to other spamming scum.

You’re also forgetting that while 50% of the population are below average intelligence, 80% of people think they’re above average. Those in the overlap are the people who buy from spam.


And in real life news – got my OU result back today.

That’s Duckusss BSc (Hons), thank you.


Carl – slight problem in that I use Outlook 2000 at home and there’s no option to do that. I keep meaning to move to another mail client, but haven’t got round to it. I do do most mail these days on my webmail client, though, and that defeats them. Thing is, I’m getting that much of the stuff now, it’s getting silly. Hence toying with changing my email addy. Easy enough when dealing with humans (an auto-response will work fine to catch those who don’t get the original message), but not so easy with the mailing lists and so forth that I’m on.

Ducky – join the club and well done! What you got your degree in? Imaginative Swearage?


It’s in “Do you want to go large on that?” ie Social Sciences.


Congratulations on the Degree to y’all


Does anyone have a degree in “Killing Chavs Without Getting Caught”? I can point you in the direction of one who still needs ****** over.

I got an e-mail and was offered I think it was just over £63,000,000 and was sorely tempted, … lol but he didn’t say it was for his dying dad.. more a case of money laundering… the ckeek of some people eh?? hehe I could make that in an hour downyour way though Mosh… I mean.. just doing something with your next door neighbour would rake it in 😉

Mr Whiskers

I did have to change my email account because of spam. I check in on the old one every few weeks and regularly find over 1,000 messages of complete crap. I don’t know what I did to attract it all, but **** me, it worked.

Mosh and Scary: I would have thought that you ‘late bloomers’ in the degree game would have worked out by now that they are completely ******* worthless. Really. I’d willingly swap mine for a cheese pastie and a go in a space simulator. You both have good jobs already; what’s the point? Some sort of Up Yours satisfaction? That’s a lot of money just to prove a point to a bunch of people who couldn’t care less.

YOU know you can do it: Why isn’t that enough?


Outlook 2003 displays messages without images unless you ask otherwise. I get very little spam consequently.


Dawn – I’d not pay you £63m, but I’d certainly buy you dinner if you crippled the ****** next door.

Whiskers – I had two job offers (one of which for the job I’ve got now) where I’m sure the winning factor was the fact I was *doing* the degree, especially under my own steam with no financial help from my tightarse employer. In addition, I want to go working in NZ or Oz at some time and both require a degree before they’ll give you a visa.

Ss – I know it does. But I don’t have 2003. I might shift to that one by the same people who do Firefox but I can’t be arsed at the moment.

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