Things to do in the office when you’re bored

Not that I am, of course, as I’ve got so much to do. Anyway, I know you mere mortals have a lot of spare time, so have a play with the following:

Googlefight is a nice little distraction. Put two terms in and the little doofer finds out how many times they appear in a Google search. I can tell you that "man" beats "woman", "penis" beats "vagina" and "cock" beats "****". So either men are just simply superior or we talk about ourselves more on the internet than women do. has a few fun games, including the pretty impressive Line Golfer.

I posted a link to one of the games on this site a while ago, but Gamershood is worth scouring for a few hours as well.

Finally, some guys at MIT have come up with a way of mapping the English language using Google Image Search. OK, it’s silly but pretty cool.

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Gorilla Bananas

The mapping the English language link is interesting. What do you think the closest nouns to ‘ponce’ are? ‘Ambusher’, ‘Stinking Iris’ and ‘Blue flag’ are all next door to it. What do blue flags and ponces have in common?


Maybe the national flag of Ponce is blue? It is a little curious. A shame that you can’t search the image by noun. The thing that looks like a search box doesn’t “work” – it’s only there to display words that you click on.

Gorilla Bananas

I stumbled on ‘ponce’ by accident. It’s quite close to where all the famous humans are. A bit to the right of Abraham Lincoln. Flowers are close to humans, possibly closer than gorillas, although I didn’t find where the apes were. There must be some slang connecting blue flags and ponces. Maybe ‘blue flag day’ is when the ponce gets paid.


I didn’t find any apes or monkeys, but I did find “squirrel”. And “scrotum”, strangely enough. A shame as I was looking for female anatomy, not male. Dammit.

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