Smokers taxed again (with any luck)

A happy little story at the BBC, as the government proposes plans to force smokers to buy a £10 permit each year to be able to buy tobacco.

Their argument? Another hurdle and another expense may make more people give up.

The spokesman for FOREST’s wank argument in response? Taxation is already too high and the groups worst hit will be the elderly and those on low incomes.

Well, if they give up then they’ll save a lot of money that they’re currently wasting on fucking fags, won’t they you stupid little cunt?

4 thoughts on “Smokers taxed again (with any luck)”

  1. I am ashamed at you! “Fucking fags” indeed! Be careful with that kind of language or FOREST will have you up on a charge. You ought to know better anyway: everyone knows that smoking materials prefer to be referred to as “fucking death sticks” because it sounds way cooler and less gay.

  2. There’s three goons on my floor at work who go for 20 minute fag breaks every other hour, on the dot.

    This is on top of their 1 hour lunch break.

    They claim they’re very busy but of course they are, when they’re spending so little time at their desks to actually do any work.

    Rant over.

  3. I had the same issue in one of my old temp jobs. I worked in an office with, I think, 6-7 women all of whom smoked. Several fag breaks a day equalled one hour per day of working time out of the office. And I was the only one left in the office to deal with *everything* while they were out.

    So I started taking two regular 30-minute toilet breaks every day. Just walked off with my book and headed for the loo. After I did it one time while they were on their fag break, all hell broke loose. I told them I’d had to go to the loo, not my fault they’d all wandered off and the realised – quite quickly – that they were the ones who’d get yelled at if it got back to the manager.

    They still kept going on their breaks, but didn’t leave me to answer 8 phones by myself again.

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