OK, so just this once it wasn’t boring

Right up until a few minutes from the end, the Premiership could have gone either way. And I confess, after the first half I was interested. Mainly as it seems ManUre had bought their ref so I wanted Chelsea to win on merit. Ah well.

At the other end I happen to know a Reading supporter (well, someone who goes out with one anyway) so I threw my lot in with them. Which didn’t help once Fulham got their goal, despite a 4-0 win.

Personally, I didn’t care too much about our result. If we did win, I wanted to be sure that Villa didn’t. Silly reason – I’ve always enjoyed my visits to Everton more than to Villa (the bastards even confiscated my camera one time), so I’d rather see Everton get the UEFA spot. Which they did. From what little I’ve read post-match, we were lucky not to walk off with a scoreline similar to that suffered by Man City at the Boro.

I bet all 25 home fans who bothered turning up (a bumper crowd these days) at the Riverside had a good time as Man City attempted to ensure their passage into the UEFA Cup through the Fair Play League. I assume their tactic was to achieve this by failing to put in a single challenge – something the 8-1 scoreline says they must have succeeded in. However, a handful of yellows and even a straight red (the only one in the Premiership today) might not have done them any favours. On the other hand, maybe the players were protesting about the upcoming everyone-knows-it’s-going-to-happen sacking of Eriksson by dodgy chairman Thaksin Shinawatra.

So, at the end of the day and the end of the season, no real surprises. The three teams to go down were all heavily tipped to do so all those months ago. And what odds would you have been given in August on the top four finishing in the order they did? Evens if you were lucky. I’d say the one “shocker” – and no offence intended in this – is Everton keeping up a good level of play and taking the UEFA Cup spot.

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